1. Overview
  2. Maps
  3. Care Packages
  4. Perks
  5. Co-op Split screen/Co-op Online
  6. Weapons
  7. Enemies and Values
  8. Challenges and Values
  9. Miscellaneous Information
Keep your combo meter going for long runs, big points and high scores. You can keep the combo meter going by doing any of the following:
  • Killing enemies (shooting, stabbing, grenade explosions, etc.)
  • Picking up dropped dog tags (gold or red)
  • Stunning enemies with flash bangs
  • Picking up weapons
  • Picking up care packages
  • Deploying sentry guns
  • Resistance - Attempt to survive relentless attacks from enemies in the streets of Paris.
  • Village - Battle through an onslaught of enemies in the village.
  • Underground - Fight through the trainyard as enemies attempt to stop you.
  • Dome - Survival of the fittest! Enemies are coming from everywhere.
Care packages
Care packages are triggered by the wave number. Care package types are:
  • 5000 - Add +5000 bonus points to your base score
  • 10x - Add x10 to combo multiplier
  • 60+ - Add 1:00 to the game timer
  • Sentry gun – Standard Sentry gun that can be placed for additional support. Note, this item cannot be moved once placed.
  • Combo Freeze - Stop the combo meter from dropping for 10 seconds.
Note: Care package spawning is unique per map. However, the spawn locations will always remain the same.

Perks are awarded after achieving certain multipliers. They are awarded in this order:
  • Sleight of Hand - awarded at x10
  • Quickdraw- awarded at x20
  • Extreme conditioning - awarded at x30
  • Stalker - awarded at x40
  • Steady Aim - awarded at x50
  • Armor vest - awarded at x60
  • Juiced - awarded at x70
Note: When a perk is earned it will be displayed in the bottom/center of the screen.
Co-op Split screen/Co-op Online
You and your teammate share the same combo meter, and multiplier. Players can be revived via last stand or via teammate revival.

Note: it is by design that the message for teammate down only displays briefly and not again after it fades away for Co-op split screen mode.
Once a weapon is picked up, you cannot refill its ammo, or pick it up again. It will re-spawn into the game 25 seconds after switching to a different gun.

Enemies and values
Scoring values for all enemies are listed below:
  • Easy AI: +50
  • Regular AI: +100
  • Regular dog: +100
  • Hardened AI: +150
  • Explosive dog: +150
  • Martyrdom AI: +150
  • Veteran AI: +200
  • Elite AI: +250
  • Chemical AI: +300
  • Juggernaut: +500
  • Riot Shield Juggernaut: +750
  • Explosive juggernaut: +1000
  • Dog tag: +50
  • Red Dog tag: +200 armor
Challenges and values
Scoring values for all challenges are listed below:
  • Stab: +150
  • Headshot: +300
  • Explosive kill: +150
  • Grenade kill: +400
  • Execution: +200
  • New weapon collect: +500
  • Triple kill: +600
  • Quad kill: +800
  • Multi kill (more than 4 kills): +1000
  • Triple headshot: +1000
  • Triple knife kill: +1000
  • Triple long shot: +1000
  • Massive explosion (more than 10 kills in one explosion): +1000
 Additional Miscellaneous Info
  • You begin the game with 3 Last Stands
  • You can refill your Last Stands via Care Packages
  • If you run out of Last Stands, you will die