Clan Chat feature allows Clan Members to chat in their own Clan Chat room with each other. Whether your Clan wants to discuss recent matches, strategies, or potential new members, Clan Chat provides a centralized communications hub for fellow Clan Members.

Though Clan Chat communication is limited to fellow Clan Members only, users agree to treat Clan Members with respect and courtesy according to the guidelines below. Failure to do so may result in consequences such as individual suspension or termination of Clan Chat access.

If any of the following actions occur, please contact Activision Customer Support immediately. If you believe that any of these threats require immediate action, please feel free to contact your local authorities as well.
  • threats to harm you or another person
  • threats to harm self
  • threats to cause physical damage
  • threats to commit an unlawful action
Clan Leaders are expected to monitor the behavior of Clan Members and intervene if offenses occur, including:
  • name calling
  • Clan arguments and in-fighting
  • offensive or abusive language
  • hateful or defamatory language
  • harassment or embarrassment
For more detailed information, please read the Clan Chat Terms & Conditions.