If you have a PlayStation account linked to the Call of Duty App on an iOS device and you are having trouble logging in to the app, please try the following:
  1. You will need to perform these steps on the iOS device having the login issues using a browser other than Safari. If you do not already have a different browser, please install another browser onto your iOS device, such as Google Chrome.
  2. Open this Call of Duty login page in your new browser.
    1. Press and hold the above link until a browser menu appears.
    2. Select Copy.
    3. Switch to your new browser.
    4. Paste the link into the new browser's address bar and select Go.
  3. Log in using your Call of Duty account credentials. This will redirect you to the PSN login.
  4. Log in to your PSN account using your Sony account credentials. This will produce a blank white screen in your browser.
  5. Return to the Call of Duty App and log in using your Call of Duty account credentials.