My Call of Duty: Ghosts Stats Have Been Reset or Rolled Back

If your rank and stats have become corrupted, the Call of Duty servers will restore them using the most recently stored backup. This means that your rank and stats may not be exactly where they were before the reset occurred.
One of the main contributors to rank and stat resets or rollbacks is data corruption, which can occur for a variety of reasons, including
  • playing on a shared connection — data loss can occur over shared connections such as college or corporate networks
  • playing on a Wi-Fi connection — wireless connections tend to be unstable due to NAT restrictions
  • quitting matches early — data is routinely stored at the conclusion of each match; leaving a match early can negatively impact data from previous matches
  • exiting the game early — leaving the game entirely before a public match is complete could impact data from previous matches
  • playing in private matches with players you don't know — accepting private match invitations from players you don't know can unknowingly enter you into a hacked lobby and/or leave you susceptible to data loss
Best practices to protect your rank and stats from potential corruption:
  • Always play public matches over a wired connection.
  • Always complete public matches.
  • Never play on a shared connection.
  • Only play private matches with players you know and trust.
If you feel your ranks and stats have become corrupted, please review the following to see if you are eligible to have your rank and stats restored.

We will restore:
  • Rank and stats corrupted through no fault of the player. Rank and stats corruptions must be reported within three business days.
  • Rank and stats corrupted caused by an issue with our service.
  • A rank loss of 10 or more.
We will not restore: If you feel you are eligible for assistance based on the criteria above, please contact us via chat on a desktop or laptop PC so that we may investigate your issue. You must be logged in to chat with us.
  1. Select Contact Us at the top of the page.
  2. Choose a Platform, then select Call of Duty: Ghosts.
  3. Select I’m having a problem with my stats/rank.
  4. Select My stats or ranks were reset in Multiplayer.
  5. Launch chat.
Please note that due to the complexity of these investigations, we may not be able to restore your rank and stats to the exact state they were in prior to the corruption. Cases are generally resolved within three business days, however resolution times can vary based on the complexity of the case. Once we have completed our investigation, we will provide the results via email.

Rank and stat restorations are not guaranteed, and are carried out at our sole discretion.

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