There are four different mini-games within the 007 Legends single-player Campaign levels:
  • Hacking – Throughout the game, you will be required to hack various devices. Align the two hashmarks with the two moving sweet spots on the parallel bars. Hacking takes place on Bond’s smartphone and is controlled using the analog triggers.
  • Safecracking – You will need to crack safes at various points in the game. This is done by aligning the gaps in a series of concentric rings. Once all the rings are aligned with each another, the safe will open.
  • Rewiring – Rewiring systems will allow you to reroute power, giving you access to various electronic components that will help you progress. Rewiring can be accomplished by rotating and aligning the nine circles by color. Each circle has four parts broken out on a 3x3 grid. To reroute the power, line up the colors on each circle within the grid.
  • Keypads – Keypads are used throughout the game to open doors and other barriers. Use the biometric view on Bond's smartphone to see the residual oils left by fingers on the keypad. Punch in the code made visible by fingerprints from prior use, starting with the faintest mark and ending with the most prominent mark.