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Advanced Calibration for a Guitar Hero Live Controller

The article details the new GHL Advanced Calibration System


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Advanced Calibration is a new feature for Guitar Hero Live designed for GHL players who want a finer level of control over their Guitar Hero Live experience. If you’re having issues with late or early notes, or having the game accurately register your strums, Advanced Calibration should help.

Guitar Hero Live automatically calibrates your guitar controller as you play. Some players, however, may find that the notes that appear on screen seem a bit “off.” Notes may reach the Note Catcher too early or too late, or you may feel like you need to strum a bit early or late in order for the note to register. The Advanced Calibration system is designed to let players address these issues based on their preferred play style.

Advanced Calibration can be found under the Options menu.

The options under Advanced Calibration allow you to adjust the positions of both notes and hit windows on your screen.

Video Lag Offset

The Video Lag Offset control allows you to move the positions of the note icons without changing their underlying hit windows. This has the effect of speeding up or slowing down the note icon’s journey to the Note Catcher, and should be used if you want the notes to be more or less within the Note Catcher when the associated musical note is played in the song. Move the slider to the left if your note icons are appearing too early and to the right if they’re appearing too late.

Input Lag Offset

The Input Lag Offset control allows you to move the positions of the underlying hit boxes without changing the positions of the note icons. This has the effect of changing where the game will register your controller strum within the body of the note icon. Move the slider to the left if you feel you have to strum too early for the note to register and move the slider to the right if you feel you have to strum too late.