Shake up your Call of Duty: Black Ops II experience with Revolution, the first massive DLC Map Pack that includes four all-new Multiplayer maps, a new Zombies map and Zombies game mode, and a brand new Multiplayer weapon.

Revolution includes four Multiplayer maps diverse in both setting and playstyle: fight for control in Mirage, a sand-swept luxury resort in the Gobi Desert; navigate through half-pipes and skate ramps in Grind, battling within a massive skate park in California’s Venice Beach; dodge the floodwaters in Hydro to hold down a hydroelectric dam in Pakistan; and take the fight to a French Alps ski resort in Downhill.
For the first time in franchise history, Revolution introduces a brand new Multiplayer weapon, the Peacekeeper hybrid SMG-Assault Rifle. Complete with its own set of XP-earning challenges, this unique weapon is available exclusively to those who pick up the Revolution content pack. Check out the Peacekeeper FAQ for more information.
Zombies are about to be taken to new heights, as the undead threat goes vertical in Die Rise. Moving along a series of collapsed skyscrapers, players must watch their step when fighting through the maze-like terrain. With brand new buildables and Wonder Weaponry though, players will be well-armed for this Zombies experience.
Also included with Revolution is the brand-new Zombies game mode Turned, where players can finally compete against each other as a zombie! In Turned, a lone human player fights for survival and points against a field of zombie players. The first zombie to hunt the human down earns the right to spawn in as the new human!