Call of Duty League Play

In League Play you will start by picking a series to compete in and then play a set of placement matches as a solo competitor or as a league team. Placement matches are used to evaluate your skill by matching you across a spectrum of skill ranges. Once you have completed the placement matches you will be placed in a Division based the hidden skill rating that was established from placement matches and you will then compete for ladder rank in subdivision ladders. When you win you earn rank points that help you climb the ladder. Lose, and you lose rank points. Your goal is to finish with the best rank by the end of the league season.

This FAQ will step through each part of League Play Series
League play is played in series, each with its own rules and game types. At Launch there will be 2 series. Your rank is specific to the series and if you play in both series you will establish a separate rank in each series.

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For more details about series visit the series game type and rules. 

There are six divisions that reflect the approximate skill distribution of the active population in a series.

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You will start in a division based on your hidden skill rating. As you play if you win enough you may be promoted to a higher division.

Within a division are subdivisions. Subdivisions have a unique callsign that consists of a callword followed by two numbers. Examples are “Bravo Two Four” and “Scorpion Zero Seven”.  
Each subdivision is a group of 200 solo competitors that are ranked in a solo ladder or 200 league teams that are ranked in a team ladder.  If you are a solo competitor you are competing for rank against other solo competitors for the highest rank in your solo subdivision. Likewise if you are a member of a league team then your team is competing against other teams for the highest rank in your team subdivision ladder. 
The purpose of subdivisions are to give players a sense of progression within a division by ranking players in smaller groups that have more meaning than a global ladder would have with a large global ranking and large number. Your subdivision has no bearing on who you are matched with, you will be matched with the global population that is nearest to your hidden skill rating. 
If you do well enough in the global matchmaking you may be promoted out of your division into a higher division. This will place you in a new subdivision in the next division.

Hidden Skill Rating and Matchmaking
League play uses a competitive skill-based matchmaking system to establish a hidden skill rating for solo players and a separate hidden skill rating for league teams. The only thing that affects the hidden skill rating is winning or losing. 
The goal of League Play is to match opponents so that they win 50% of their games on average. This is accomplished by matching players as closely as possible to opponents near their hidden skill ratings. This should often result in close and competitive games, which is the most fun way to play the game. 
Note that matchmaking times may take longer because the system is looking for the best skill match and the game will not start until full teams are found with the same number of players on each team. Once players are revealed and the game countdown begins then the match is set and counts towards your ladder rank and skill rating.

Ladder Ranks and Ladder Points
You will start in a ladder with zero ladder points. In order to advance in subdivision ladders you must earn ladder points and the only way to earn ladder points is by winning matches.  You will also lose points if you lose matches. 

The number of points that can be earned or lost in a match depends on your skill and the skill of your opponent and the predicted outcome of the match. You will win more ladder points if matched against an opponent that the system evaluates as favored, or lose more points if the system thinks you are favored to win the match. Note that the displayed rank may not directly reflect the hidden skill rating, as the player or team may be trending up in their hidden skill rating. 
In addition to ladder points there is a weekly bonus that can be earned for your first wins of the week. Each win will earn you a number of bonus ladder points in addition to the points that are awarded for the match. The weekly bonus is reset every Sunday night at 3am PT, so be sure to complete enough matches during the week to earn your full weekly bonus.

Penalties for Quitting
If you quit while playing for Solo Rank you will always lose the maximum number of ladder points, whereas if you finish the game you may lose less ladder points depending on how the system evaluates your chances to win the match. Additionally, quitting often may result in a temporary probation from playing.

Top Ranks
Within the ladders the top ranked players or teams are recognized by special versions of the division rank icons based on their rank position in the ladder. 

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A league team can be created by gathering a party in the League Play Lobby that has enough players to fill a full team. At launch the Champions Series will support league teams.
In order to create a team for Champions Series, visit the League Play lobby and invite enough players to meet the team size of 4 players. Select “Find Match” and you will be asked to create a new League Team. You will then choose a team name and a team emblem. Team emblems can be selected from any team member’s saved emblems. This will also create a Team Homepage in Barracks, where you or any player on your team can change your emblem later if desired.
Once created the team will compete as a league team and will be placed in team ladders. The team will have its own skill rating that is based entirely on the team’s wins or losses.  When playing as a you’re your wins and losses only count towards the team’s skill rating and team ladder ranks and do not affect solo skill rating or solo ladder ranks.    
Because teams have their own skill rating each team is unique to the 4 players on the team. You cannot swap a player in for a different player, as it would affect the skill rating for the team. Any time you gather a different group of players to play as a league team you will create a unique team that is specific to the players on the team.
Solo Competitors
Any time that you are not playing as a league team you will play and be ranked as a solo competitor. This is true even if you form a party with a few friends and play together.  If you are playing in series that supports league teams and you play with less than the full team size in your party then you and every player in your party will be ranked as a solo competitor.

Seasons and Preseason
League Play is broken up into seasons, each lasting approximately thirty calendar days. At the end of a season, there will be a brief window of time before the next season starts. This period of time is known as preseason. During preseason, we are finalizing results of the previous season as well adjusting the game rules and map rotations as necessary. You can play and practice during preseason, but these games won’t count for league ladders. The current season and how much time remains in it will be displayed to you in-game.
At the end of the season you may visit the team or solo homepage in the game to view the final standings for your ladders. Your highest career division rank will be displayed in your team or solo homepage and your all-time career best division rank will be shown in your global playercard. 
When the next season starts you will play in placement matches again to re-establish a division rank. 
Career Bests
At the end of the season your best career rank and rank icon across all seasons will be displayed in your solo or team homepage. Your best career rank across all series and teams will be displayed in your player card.

Trial Season
League play will start with a trial season at launch. The trial season is a test season that allows us to evaluate our league play systems with a full player base. During trial season the full features are available for League Play. You can earn a ladder rank, create teams, and your stats will count in the Combat Record.  However, the trial season will be shorter than a regular season and your career bests will not be recorded. After trial season there will be a short preseason, and Season 1 will start on December 1st.