You will play as James Bond himself throughout the entire single player campaign. You will assume the role of the following characters during MI:6 Ops challenges:
  • Oddjob - Fort Knox - Escort the bomb through Fort Knox, protecting it from the US Army.
  • Sanchez - Refinery - Defeat the CIA taskforce as they try to take over the base.
  • Jinx - Biodome - Eliminate three designated targets and escape without alerting anyone to your presence.
  • Jaws - Space Station - Fight your way through Drax's guards to reach the last shuttle off the space station.
  • Draco - Blofeld's Lair - Safely escort Tracy out of the underground lair.
Each of these characters will play exactly like James Bond minus the ability to use gadgets. As Oddjob, you will have the ability to throw your hat at enemies.