1. Input the your code in the Xbox Dashboard or PlayStation marketplace.
  2. Start the game and select Challenges from the Main Menu.
  3. Maps: Select the GRT Plaza map or Inside the Tower map.
  4. Suits: Unlock and play Infinite difficulty in the exclusive maps.
Best Buy:
  1. Go to
  2. Enter the unique code printed on your receipt or from email.
  3. When prompted, complete the required information, and select which comic bookstore you will visit to redeem your Comic Book Cash voucher.
  4. Print your Comic Book Cash voucher.
  5. Present your Comic Book Cash voucher at your selected comic book store. Voucher may ONLY be used for $5.00 toward the purchase of Marvel Comics or Marvel Graphic Novels.
  1. Check your email on the day of launch. Amazon will email you a unique gift card code.
  2. Visit and redeems code to receive $5 credit towards a list of Marvel Graphic Novels.
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