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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Local Arcade

Play on your own, or take on your friends to see who’s the best of the best

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Local Arcade is a game mode that allows up to four players to play on a single console via splitscreen (2-player splitscreen for Switch Tabletop Mode). In Local Arcade, each player needs to use a separate a controller to play.

Local Arcade includes several racing modes within it:

  • Single Race – This is your traditional "let's pick a track and race" option.
  • Cup Race – A four-track race. There are seven different collections of tracks to choose from within Cup Race.
  • Battle – Five unique Battle modes taking place on a host of tracks, some of which are remastered favorites from Crash Nitro Kart:
    • Limit Battle – Hit opponents with your favorite Power Ups to score points.
    • Capture the Flag – Grab the other team's flag and drive it through your team's portal to win.
    • Crystal Grab – Collect the most crystals within the time limit. Getting hit by an enemy will prove to be costly!
    • Last Kart Driving – Use your limited number of tries to hit your opponents before they hit you and be the last kart driving!
    • Steal the Bacon – There's only one bacon left for everyone. Grab it as quickly as you can and bring it back to your home portal.
  • Time Trial – Is there a track that's particularly fun or challenging? Go back and try to beat your best time! Activate Player Ghost to include a ghostly version of yourself driving toward your best time.
  • Relic Race – Complete the race in less time than the time in the top corner to earn a Relic. Don't miss the Time Crates! Breaking a Time Crate freezes the timer for the number of seconds indicated on the crate.
  • CTR Challenge – Collect the letters C, T, and R and win the race to earn a CTR Token.
  • Crystal Challenge – Collect every Crystal on the track before the time runs out.



Each mode in Local Arcade includes an option to set one of three difficulty levels. Also, most modes include a Mirror Mode option, which creates a mirror image of the map.