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Finding King’s Quest : Epilogue in the Store

Where to find King's Quest : Epilogue in the PlayStation and Xbox Stores

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Question: Why am I unable to find King's Quest: Epilogue in the PlayStation or Xbox stores?

Answer: Unlike the other chapters of King's Quest, King's Quest: Epilogue is considered an Add-On, not a full game. As a result, it can be found within the Add-Ons sections of the PlayStation or Xbox stores.

To find King's Quest: Epilogue, follow the steps below based on your platform:


  1. Log in to the PSN Store.
  2. Go to Add-Ons and select New.
  3. Sort the list alphabetically.
  4. Scroll down to find King's Quest: Epilogue.
  5. Download the game.


  1. Log in to the Xbox Store.
  2. Search for King's Quest.
  3. King's Quest: Epilogue will appear in a list of King's Quest games at the top of the screen.
  4. Download the game.