This may be caused by a faulty game disc, or problems with the PlayStation.
  • Check the disc for abrasions, scratches, and dust.
  • Ensure the PlayStation is in a cool, well ventilated place.
  • Try deleting the game data. This should not affect your saved game as it is stored in a different folder.
  • Try the game on another PlayStation. If the same problem occurs on another PlayStation then it is an indication that the problem is most likely with the game disc itself. 
  • Try unplugging your internet connection before launching the game.
  • If none of the above resolves the issue then this may indicate a problem with your PlayStation and you will need to contact PlayStation Consumer/Technical support at (1-800-345-SONY). Additional PlayStation troubleshooting suggestions can be found at Sony's support site.
NOTE: Activision cannot guarantee functionality on PlayStation systems using 3rd party hardware (including, but not exclusive to: Memory Cards, controllers, chips, and cables).
If you have ruled out any issues with your PlayStation, and have determined that you will need a disc replacement, you can request one by going to