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How to Sync your Skylanders Portal of Power

If you are having an issue installing your Portal of Power, this article will get you up and running.


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If you are having trouble installing your Portal of Power, the following steps will get you up and running. Simply select the type of Portal you're trying to install and follow the instructions.

  1. Start up your Skylanders game.
  2. Plug the USB connector from the Portal of Power into an available USB port.
  3. Your game will acknowledge when the connection has synced with the Portal of Power properly.
  1. Turn on your Bluetooth Portal of Power
  2. Tap Settings on your iOS device and select Bluetooth.
  3. Slide the switch to on to enable Bluetooth.
  4. Press the Bluetooth sync button on the bottom of the Portal of Power. This will cause the light to blink rapidly.
  5. Return to your iOS device's Bluetooth settings and select Portal of Power under MY DEVICES.

The 3DS Portal of Power requires three AA batteries. Make sure your Portal of Power has fresh batteries before trying to install.

  1. Use the arrow on your Portal of Power to point and aim it at your 3DS.
  2. Insert the Skylanders game card into the game card slot on your 3DS and turn it on.
  3. Once the game completes the boot-up sequence, it will ask you to activate your Portal of Power by pressing down on the surface of the portal.
  4. The LED on the front of the Portal of Power will light up to let you know that it has synced with the 3DS.