Collecting these gems unlocks Moshlings and Website Codes. The user must also pay a certain amount of Rox in order to enter a Mini-Stage. There are four colors of Rox, with different values:
  • Red: 1 Rox
  • Green: 5 Rox
  • Yellow: 10 Rox
  • Purple: 25 Rox
Hearts found in the Stages restore Katsuma’s health. 
  • Red: restores one Heart.
  • Golden: restores two Hearts.
  • Blue: restores all hearts and adds a temporary blue heart. The extra one stays until the player is hit or completes the level. 
When walking on a cake, Katsuma’s energy is replenished. 
  • Slice: Replenish about ¼ of the energy bar.
  • Whole Cake: Fills the energy bar.
Super Moshi
These consumables give a temporary invulnerability from normal damage. Falling in bottomless pit still kills Katsuma and he can’t use abilities while in Super Moshi state.