Game Screen Layout
  • Heart: Character’s health. Starts with 3, each attack removes one. Falling in a bottomless pit resets the user back to the last checkpoint.
  • Energy Bar: Abilities need energy to be activated. As long as the energy bar is not empty, the player can use them.
  • Rox Counter: Rox gathered in a level are displayed at the top right corner of the screen. They are added to the total once the level completed.
  • Timer: Only displayed in mini-stages and mini-games. It shows the user how much time he has spent in the level or how much time is left.
  • Enemy counter: In the mini-game Menagerie Melee, a gauge displays the number of enemies left in each round.
  • Score: Points gained in mini-games.
World Map
  • Moshlings and coin pieces: The top left screen displays the number of Moshlings and coin pieces collected in the selected stage.
  • Rox: Number of Rox collected in stages, mini-stages, and mini-games.
  • Moshipedia: On the bottom screen, the player can enter the Moshipedia where all Moshlings collected can be found with their image and description. Web codes are also saved in the Moshipedia.
World Map Navigation
    After completing a stage, the player can reach the next stage on the World Map. Occasionally, he can take a different path to enter a Mini-Stage (represented by a red Rox, i.e. a gem). After completing the three main Stages of a world, a C.L.O.N.C. logo (white skull) appears and a boss has to be defeated to continue to the next world. Next to the bosses, a Warp Gate leading to the Warp World appears as well and a new Mini-Game is available to play at any time.

    All levels previously unlocked can be entered whenever the player wants to explore them again.