The following game modes are available in multiplayer. 
  • Legends - It’s a free-for-all game mode where the user plays as their favorite Bond character. Each has unique strengths, abilities and signature weapons.
  • Team Conflict - Team mode where points are obtained after each kill. The team with the most points win.
  • Conflict - Free-for-all game mode where the player has to kill the other players to win. The highest score wins.
  • Golden Gun - Free-for-all game mode where players rush to obtain the Golden Gun. Killing with that weapon gives 5 times more points and it’s a one-shot one kill. The player with the highest score wins.
  • Escalation - Each kill grants the player a new weapon. The first one to make a kill with the full sequence of weapons is declared the winner. A melee kills does not give a promotion. Getting killed twice in a row demotes the player.
  • Heroes - Team game mode where a player from each team is randomly chosen to be the Hero.  A Hero is tougher, have infinite ammo and boost the other players. However, the Hero gives more points when killed. Team with the highest score wins.
  • Icarus - Team game mode where consoles need to be captured. The more consoles captured, the faster the satellite moves to destroy the enemies. It’s a tug-of-war kind of fight.
  • Black Box - One team (MI6) must destroy the Black Box, while the enemy tries to download the information. The first one to complete its objective wins.
  • Data Miner - The first to reach 100% download wins. The player can speed up their download by killing other players and collecting their smartphones.
  • Bomb Defuse - Team game mode where each team tries to destroy the other’s target. However, there’s only one bomb.
  • License to Kill - Locked game mode that becomes available at level 20. It’s a hardcore Conflict. The HUD is not present.
  • Team License to Kill - Locked game mode that becomes available at level 20. It’s a hardcore Team Conflict. The HUD is not present.
  • You Only Live Twice - This mode is only available in Split-screen. In this mode, players only have 2 lives and the last player alive wins. 
Note: Not all multiplayer modes are available in Split-screen.