I am assigned as the second player in a local co-op game and signed in on my own profile. Why am I not unlocking Achievements/Trophies?
Only Player 1 is awarded Achievements/Trophies when playing in local co-op.

Can the game be played with Kinect?
No, the game can only be played with a controller. It is possible, however, to launch the game and perform other Xbox One menu-related actions with the Kinect. On PC, Shiftlings can be played with a keyboard or a controller.

Where are the leaderboards for the bonus levels?
Bonus levels do not have leaderboards. However, you can still try to beat your own personal scores with the in-game timer.

Is there a built-in voice chat option for PC?
The PC version of the game does not have built-in voice chat. You can use the Steam voice chat or any other third party chat service such as Ventrilo, Skype, or TeamSpeak.