Call of Duty: Strike Team allows you to “play your way,” which means you can choose between first and third person gameplay, even during a game.

First person view

The best time to use first person view is when you are taking on an enemy head-on. For example, if you need to clear out a room with a shotgun or take out a distant enemy with a sniper rifle, first person view is the best way to go. Keep in mind that first person view is required when you’re in a vehicle or you’re playing in Survival Mode: both of these situations play out from a first person view only.

Third person view

Also known as Drone view, third person view is most useful in two situations. The first situation is when your team needs to use stealth. Third person view is the best way to avoid detection from security cameras and patrolling guards. The second situation is when you face enemies that are difficult to kill head-on, such as enemies with mini-guns or riot shields.