There are four types of collectibles available in The Amazing Spider-Man:
  • Magazines - Basic collectibles that are found throughout each level
  • Flying Magazines - Collectibles that are found only in Manhattan, flying through the city
  • Audio Evidences - Pieces of evidence about the Oscorp conspiracy, found throughout each level
  • Oscorp Logos - Objects to take pictures of with the in-game camera
Other collectibles for Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PlayStation Vita:
Collectibles found in levels are listed in the menus of the game. In Manhattan, there are several hundred collectibles. Continue collecting them, and when there are less than 200 remaining, they will start appearing on the map.
Other collectibles for Wii/3DS:
There are a lot of collectibles available, and they are listed within the "Objective" menu while you are in a level. The collectibles can also be seen while you are browsing through the levels in the Manhattan map in the apartment.