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Transformers Devastation Technical Issues FAQ

This FAQ addresses common technical issues found in Transformers Devastation


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The following FAQ addresses technical issues that you may experience in Transformers Devastation

In-game Issues

This is a very rare issue that can kick in immediately after passing a checkpoint. If you see this happening, you’ll have to restart the level from a previous checkpoint to fix this issue.

This only happens when your wallet reaches 999,999,999 credits, the maximum amount of credits you can hold. Once you spend some money on Chips or Items, your wallet will once again begin collecting money.

This is a very rare issue that occurs when certain event flags are not properly triggered. If this happens, you’ll have to reload the checkpoint and make sure that you stop and stand in the middle of the fighting area to ensure that the events unfold properly.

This is a rare issue that will fix itself as soon as you transition to a new area. Alternately, returning to the Ark or going to the main menu and returning to the game will also fix this issue

There is a rare graphical issue that doesn’t remove the hidden treasure circle after the treasure itself has been dug up. If you’re stomping on the ground in a hidden treasure spot and nothing comes up, you’ve already collected the treasure for this spot.

This issue occurs when you return to your console’s menu while Challenge Mission 22 is loading. If this happens, you’ll need to restart the game

PlayStation Issues

This is a known issue that only happens if the game is running when a user account is upgraded to a PlayStation Network account. If this has happened, you’ll have to restart the game, In the future, simply quit the game when making changes to your PSN account.

PC Issues

Transformers Devastation doesn’t support Eyefinity configurations. Disable the Eyefinity option from the AMD control panel and the game should work fine.

Yes, although Transformers Devastation does not officially support Windows 10. It is possible you may encounter some issues with the game.