Create a Class is the revamped character customization system for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, allowing you to tune each of your Classes to suit your specific preferences and your favorite game modes.

Expanded from the Pick 10 system in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Pick 13 incorporates three additional slots into the mix. Similar to Pick 10, any item that you take with the Pick 13 system—whether a weapon, an attachment, a Perk, or anything else—takes up one of your 13 points.

Scorestreaks have been added to Create a Class, however there are no requirements for Scorestreaks. You can carry one, two, or three by default, or you can use a Wildcard to carry a fourth. You can also remove the Scorestreaks from your loadout and use the extra slots for other weaponry, Perks, or gear.

Pick 13 is highly flexible by design, allowing you to experiment with any combination of weapons, attachments, Exo Suits, Perks, and Scorestreaks you wish and cater your Classes to fit your style of play.