The following multiplayer modes are available in Black Ops II:

Capture the Flag:
Capture the enemy flag. Defend your own.

Two bomb sites with the offensive team all equipped with bombs. Detonate both bomb sites or defend them until the time limit expires.

Secure a control point for your team to earn points toward victory. Reach the score limit to win the round.

Free For All:
Eliminate hostile targets.

Lock down one of three Hardpoints to score points. The Hardpoint changes during the match.

Secure and control random Headquarters locations to score points.

Kill Confirmed:
Collect enemy tags to score. Deny kills by saving friendly tags.

Multi-Team Deathmatch:
Face off against multiple teams and work with your team to take down the opposition.

Search & Destroy:
A single bomb with two targets. Teams swap offense and defense. Eliminate the opposing team, and detonate or defuse the bomb to win.

Team Deathmatch:
Work with your team to take down the opposition.