This may be caused by a faulty game disc, or problems with the Xbox.
  • Check the disc for abrasions, scratches, and dust.
  • Ensure the Xbox is in a cool, well ventilated place.
  • Try deleting the game data. This should not affect your saved game as it is stored in a different folder.
  • Try the game on another Xbox console of the same type. If the same problem occurs on another console then it is an indication the problem is with the game disc itself.
If none of the above resolves the issue then this may indicate a problem with your Xbox and you will need to contact Xbox Consumer/Technical support.
NOTE: Activision cannot guarantee functionality on Xbox systems using 3rd party hardware (including, but not exclusive to, Memory Cards, controllers, chips, and cables).
If you have ruled out any issues with your Xbox, and have determined that you will need a disc replacement, you can request one by going to the Warranty & Returns section of the Activision Support site.