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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare In-match Issues

This article answers the most commonly asked questions concerning issues that may occur while you are in a multiplayer match in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

This article answers the most commonly asked questions concerning issues that may occur while you are in a multiplayer match in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Please note that this article contains no strategy guides, hints, or tips.

General Issues

This is a very rare issue that may occur due to a variety of factors. If it happens, restarting the level should clear it up.

With some long weapons, the stab attack does not hit exactly where the crosshairs are aimed. Keep this in mind while using the stab attack with these weapons and practice in Single Player to get the correct spacing and timing for your attacks.

This is a very rare occurrence that may happen if your character doesn’t move at the start of each wave. Make sure to move at the start of each wave.

You haven’t yet selected a loadout. Make sure to select a loadout as a challenge cannot be accepted or sent while in Spectator mode.

This is a rare issue that can occur when you select the Random Loadout option. To avoid this issue, select a loadout manually or select Random Loadout again.

This is a rare issue that can occur when all players have a score of 0. Make sure that at least one player has a score higher than 0 to avoid this issue.

When the timer ends and no players are defeated, the winner is chosen based on a variety of factors. If no damage was taken, the win will be given to the player that initiated the Duel.

You can try and retrace your steps to re-enter the map. Otherwise you can always access the Pause menu and use the Respawn option.

This can occur when you use Taunts or Battle Cries or reload a weapon at the beginning or the end of a round. Avoid this to avoid this issue.

If this does occur, open the Pause Menu and select Respawn.

This can happen when using a crossbow and trying to load it just before a round switch. Shooting a bolt and then reloading will resolve the issue.

A rare bug can render these weapons invisible. Although the weapons are not visible, they can be used.

The chest in Horde Town is not designed to heal players. Use the chest in the Starting Area instead of the one in the graveyard.

Yes. This is designed to encourage you to use different strategies.

When first joining a game, players can choose any faction they desire regardless of the number of players on each team. Once in game, however, players cannot switch to a team that has more players on it. To balance a team manually, use the Switch Team option in the Pause menu.

The options to Mute and Kick other players are only accessible when the Scoreboard is toggled open.

This is a design choice. The rounds are being tracked properly and the progression bar increases according to actual progress.

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

If this happens, just select a class and spawn in game. From the Pause menu, select Change Loadout and choose the desired equipment.

This occurs when multiple players attempt to operate the ballista at the exact same time. This will continue for the duration of the match and will resolve itself after the map rotates in the next match, or upon joining a new game.

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