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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Console FAQ

Everything you need to know about Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions on consoles

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions – the latest entry in the Geometry Wars franchise – is a twin-stick arcade shooter that expands on the "pure arcade gameplay" formula by introducing new enemies, expanded arenas, 3D graphics, and an online synchronous multiplayer mode.

Players are challenged to obtain high scores, collect Stars, and increase their ranking on the Leaderboards. Players can participate in several single player game modes through the Adventure progression, Classic Arcade mode, and Bonus levels.

In addition to the single player experience, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions also features a Co-op challenging teams in ten unique levels. Two multiplayer game modes – Stock and Summoner – can be played by up to eight players in competitive PvP, available through public matchmaking or private matches.

This is a design choice. Geoms collected are only saved when earned in Adventure game mode.

In order to unlock all Drones, you must defeat the Bosses a second time.

The game does not support controller vibration.

You can resolve most Leaderboard issues by going back to the Main Menu and re-loading the Leaderboards. Please note that the servers take some time to update, and you may simply need to allow the servers to update.

Lobby timers are short, and the game does not support the "join in progress" feature. Send the invite as soon as you enter the game lobby or try playing in Private Matches.

The map rotation begins with the Cylinder level. Remain in the same game lobby for consecutive matches to play different maps.

In order to resolve this issue, restart the game periodically. This refreshes your connection and the Multiplayer lobby.

This is a known issue. To reduce the delay, try to speak one at the time.

Choosing “End Game” or “Restart” from the Pause menu will not save the progress made during that game session. Always try to use the “Quick Restart” and/or complete or fail the level when you work towards achievements.

Patch 1.01 resolves this issue. If you continue experiencing issues, try restarting the game.

Patch 1.01 resolves this issue. If you continue experiencing issues, try restarting the game.

Patch 1.01 resolves this issue. If you continue experiencing issues, try restarting the game and reconnecting to online features.

There is unfortunately no way to completely avoid a player at the moment.

This is a known issue that rarely occurs when multiple players exit and re-enter lobbies together. Return to the Main Menu after quitting a lobby to avoid this issue.

Please allow up to five minutes for your console and router to communicate with each other and detect that you are online.

This issue occurs when someone from the same lobby you are trying to join quits at the same time as you accept the invite. Accept the invite again to join the lobby.