The game uses a proximity system for voice chat. You can only hear and talk to players that are close to you in game.
  • Make sure that the headset is synced and recognized by the console. Test the microphone to ensure it is working.
  • If you are using a router try the following:
    - Set port forwarding on your router to your Playstation 3. This game uses ports 81, 3074, 3075, 3478
      UDP(User Datagram Protocol) and ports 80, 81,443, 3074, 5223 TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).
          - Place your console into the DMZ of your router.
          - If both fail, disconnect your router and try the game. If it works regularly at this point something about your router may not be completely compatible with the specific needs of this game. Check with your router manufacturer for additional steps that may need to be done to resolve the issues you are seeing.

NOTE: If setting port forwarding or DMZ helps your game play you may wish to assign your console a static IP (Internet Protocol) address inside your home network, this will help ensure that the configurations you made do not need to be redone.

NOTE: Many broadband Internet modems are coming with routing capabilities built in. Please contact your Internet service provider to determine if your Internet modem has an integrated router. If it does, they should be able to assist you with the steps above for setting up a router.
  • Try changing the headset output. Go to Options > Audio Settings and changing the output to Theater from Headset.

Please note that not all USB and Bluetooth headsets will work with this game.