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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding King’s Quest: Epilogue

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Welcome back to the world of King’s Quest. This article covers many of the common gameplay issues that might come up as you work your way through King’s Quest: Epilogue. As such, it may contain spoilers.


General Questions

This can happen on occasion when Graham dies. If you experience this, simply restart the game and continue.

No. This is by design. Many of the game’s cutscenes cannot be skipped.

No. While this is a bug, the clipping will not affect your ability to play the game.

If you experience this issue you will need to quit to the Main Menu and reload the game from the last checkpoint.

PlayStation 4 Questions

If you experience this issue you will need to restart your PS4 and reload the game. It will not affect your saved game or gameplay.

PC specific Questions

This happens when you attempt to take a screenshot using the “Print Screen” button. Take screenshots using Steam’s default F12 key and you should be fine.