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King's Quest: Rubble Without a Cause Story Issues FAQ

This article will help with common gameplay or progression issues in Chapter 2 of King's Quest

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Welcome back to the world of King’s Quest. This FAQ covers many of the common gameplay issues that might come up as you work your way through the story. As such, it may contain spoilers.

If you are having technical issues with the game, check out our King's Quest: Rubble Without a Cause Technical Issues FAQ.


This is a very rare bug that occurs after opening your inventory menu right after asking the bakers how they are feeling when they’re at max health. Reloading the game, or leaving the area and then coming back in will resolve it.

This is a very rare bug. If it happens, you will need to create a new saved game in order to resume the game.

Do not reload your previous saved game, as this will cause the bucket to disappear from both the cell and your inventory and make it impossible to finish the game.

This is an issue that comes up after giving meat to the same townsperson for five days in a row. Leaving the area and returning to it will resolve the problem.

This is a bug that occurs when you go into first person mode after Amaya’s introductory cutscene. Quit to the Main Menu and reload the game to resolve this issue.

This issue may cause you to lose sight of Graham but it can be resolved by exiting and re-entering the area or by reloading in your saved game.

No. Some cutscenes cannot be skipped. If there’s no button prompt on the screen, the cutscene cannot be skipped.