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Paint Jobs in Call of Duty: WWII

How to craft custom paint jobs for your weapons in Call of Duty: WWII

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Paint jobs in Call of Duty: WWII give you one more method to customize and personalize your weapons. Similar to Emblems, paint jobs are crafted using an editor tool, allowing you to add color, designs, text, patterns, and iconography to your favorite weapons.

Head down to the beach in Headquarters and visit the Gunsmith to access paint jobs.

Please note: Sledgehammer Games has zero tolerance for toxic behavior. Offensive emblems will be deleted and result in your permanent ban from using the editor.




Craft Paint Jobs

Start creating your paint job by selecting Create Paint Job. From there, select a weapon you want to decorate to access the paint job editor. Within the editor, you can choose from a variety of pre-loaded emblems, shapes, characters, WWII icons, and patterns to create your own unique designs. Each of these can be added onto designated parts of each weapon and can then be moved, layered, skewed, rotated, colored, and textured to complete your custom artwork.

Paint jobs can also be renamed, duplicated, or deleted within Craft Paint Jobs.


Applying paint jobs to your weapons

To apply your creation to a weapon, go to the Soldier tab and choose a Division. Then, highlight the weapon within a Division and press the Customize button. Then, highlight the paint job you want to apply and choose Select.

Paint jobs are specific to a Division, so if you have the same weapon in multiple Divisions, you’ll need to apply the paint job to each one.


Upload Paint Jobs

In Upload Paint Jobs, you can choose your creations in My Paint Jobs to upload and share with your friends and the Call of Duty community. You can also unpublish paint jobs by highlighting the paint job and selecting Remove Paint Job.


View Paint Jobs

Check out and upvote paint jobs your friends and fellow players created under View Paint Jobs.

  • Friends – Paint jobs your friends have made and uploaded.
  • Top – The top paint jobs voted on by the Call of Duty community.
  • Trending – Community-created paint jobs getting the most recent upvotes.
  • Recent – The most recently published paint jobs.