Basic progression
Control the two Zorks by bouncing, shifting, and swapping your way though the various puzzles. In each level, the player must find and activate an Objective in order to open the portal and move on to the next level. As an extra challenge, each mission also contains hidden Black Hola Cola bottles.

Time Attack Mode
Completing the tenth level of a world unlocks the leaderboard as well as the Time Attack for that particular world. Use knowledge gained on the first playthrough to complete these levels as quickly as possible to reach the top of the leaderboard or to beat personal high scores.

Advanced Maneuvers
Get creative using the basic moves performed by the Shiftlings and combine them for extreme results:
  • Jump with the small Zork and quickly shift sizes at the apex of your jump to grab bottles above your head.
  • Reach greater heights by having the tiny Zork bounce on the large Zork’s head. If the fat Zork then switches, jumps and then switches again at the apex of his jump, the small alien will be propelled much higher than a regular bounce.
  • Try pressing the Jump button as soon reaching the red trampoline-like spring platforms.
  • After launching out of a cannon, shift sizes so that the large alien becomes the projectile, and he will be launched much farther.