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Skylanders Imaginators Gameplay FAQ

This article will assist you with gameplay questions related to Skylanders Imaginators.

The following article addresses commonly asked questions regarding gameplay in Skylanders Imaginators.

General Questions

No. Elemental Zones in Skylanders Imaginators can only accessed by Senseis of the correct element.

The Portal Master level is not supported in Skylanders Imaginators and will have no effect on your gameplay or a Skylanders’ progression.

Dash and other high-speed Skylanders powers can create problems when the game fails to load the map as quickly as the character is moving across it. If you experience this issue, you will need to restart the game. Not using these high-speed powers as much will avoid this issue in the future.

This can happen if you receive and equip multiple pieces of the same Imaginator armor. If this happens, remove the Skylander from the Portal of Power and then replace it. Your stats should now be calculated correctly.

Using dashes, jumps, or attacks over and over too quickly while on a grind rail can cause issues with the game’s camera. If this happens, you will need to restart the level and use these abilities less to avoid the issue in the future.

It is possible for the game to crash if you try to create your own Skylander in Crash Bandicoot’s home level. You will have to restart the game and try to use the Imaginator Creator from the M.A.P. or in Skylanders Academy.

There is a very rare issue that can trigger if you attempt to talk to a character from behind. Be sure to always face a character when speaking to it.

This can occur if you immediately quit the game after completing the Golden Arcade. To avoid this, complete the level as normal and then complete another level or activity to make sure the game saves your accomplishment.

This is a rare issue where Mags gets stuck in a progression loop. Complete the level again and immediately talk to Mags. She should now recognize that you’ve completed the level.

Unlike Skylanders SuperChargers, player two in Skylanders Imaginators will not receive credit for any achievements or trophies they unlock. Switching account profiles so that the other player’s account is player one will allow that player to collect achievements or trophies.

No. The description for this power is incorrect. The increase in damage over time happens in a timed manner, not on a per-hit or a consecutive-hit basis. That means if you strike another character five times, for example, depending on how long it takes you to make those five hits, the damage over time factor may only increase two or three times.

No. This is by design. Skylanders Imaginators is slightly tougher than older games in order to take advantage of the greater power of both Senseis and Imaginators. As a result, playing the game using older Skylanders toys will be more difficult. That being said, it is perfectly possible to complete the game using any Skylanders character.

Nintendo Switch Questions

Once you enter the Change Skylanders menu, you’re required to select a character before you can exit the menu.

Once you enter the CYOS Creation menu, you’re required to create a Skylander before you can back out of the menu.


Wii U Questions

This is a rare issue where the camera fails to make the transition back to the normal game after taking a selfie. If you experience this, you will need to reboot the game.

This is a rare issue where quitting out of the Friends menu right out of an auto-save leads to a loss of functions for about 35 seconds. Either wait for about a minute for the game to return to normal or quit and restart the game.