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Skylanders Toy Compatibility

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Part of the fun of Skylanders is collecting lots of different characters. Because each Skylanders character comes with different powers and abilities, playing with them in the Skylanders games opens up all sorts of new gameplay possibilities. However, not every Skylanders toy is compatible with every game in the Skylanders series. This article will help you sort out Skylanders toy compatibility.


All Skylanders toys are forward compatible. That means every Skylanders toy that has ever been released will always work in games released after it. So, when future games are released, those Skylanders that you currently have in your collection will work in them. Skylanders toys never become obsolete.

The chart below will give more information on specific types of Skylanders:


Skylanders elements

No, a Skylanders toy will not work in a game that came out before the toy was released.

To illustrate this, let’s start from the very beginning. Here are the current major Skylanders games in order of their release:

  • Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure (2011)
  • Skylanders Giants (2012)
  • Skylanders SWAP Force (2013)
  • Skylanders Trap Team (2014)
  • Skylanders SuperChargers (2015)
  • Skylanders Imaginators (2016)
A toy released with Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure will work in every game that’s been released since. On the other hand, a toy released with Skylanders SWAP Force will not work in Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure or Skylanders Giants, but will work in games released after Skylanders SWAP Force.

Keep in mind there are a few console-specific Skylanders out in the wild. These are special Skylanders that will only work on certain consoles, and include the Skylanders SuperChargers Donkey Kong and Bowser figures as well as their character-specific vehicles which will only work on Nintendo systems.

Yes, the official Skylanders website has a Character section where you can see which game a particular figure works in. Follow these steps to check a figure:

  • Go to
  • From here, you can filter characters by game, element, series, or their type (Giants, Trap Masters, etc.), or you can search for a character by name.
  • Once your character comes up, select the version of that character you are looking for. If you are unsure which version you have, compare the toy images on the site with your toy.
  • Look under the character stats and descriptions to determine compatibility.

There are really only three important things to remember:

  • A Skylander’s type or rarity or any other description has nothing to do with game compatibility. The only thing that determines what games a Skylander toy is compatible with is when the Skylander was released.
  • A Skylander’s Element has nothing to do with game compatibility. Elements are used in-game to open special new gameplay areas.
  • Every other type or rarity has to do with its collectability, not compatibility. Special editions, variants, and rare Skylanders are often released for collectors.

All the Skylanders types refer to different characteristics found on the Skylanders toys. They have nothing to do with gameplay, but are used as a reference for different versions of Skylanders toys.

The major difference between types of Skylanders toys is simply whether they are part of the regular product line or rare variants. Regular Skylanders are just what they sound like. They can usually be found at most retailers that carry Skylanders.

Rare Skylanders are different. They will look different than the regular version of Skylanders. They may have a different color scheme or be covered with an unusual material. Sometimes, they’re slipped into a shipment of regular Skylanders destined for a retail store, sometimes they’re given out at events or are available around certain holidays. Rare Skylanders are always limited edition, which means they are made in very small numbers and are difficult to find or hard to get. That makes getting one a rare treat indeed!

Each Skylander has an affinity for a special force called an Element. The Element a Skylander is attuned to can be recognized by the symbol engraved on the the base of the toy. For example, a Fire Skylander has a Fire symbol engraved on the bottom.

All the Elements and symbols are:


Skylanders elements


There are locked areas in the game that can only be unlocked by a Skylanders of a particular Element. For example, only a Fire Skylander can open up a Fire area. When picking a new Skylander to buy, take a look at the Elements in your collection and consider a Skylander whose Element is missing.