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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze Gameplay FAQ

Everything you need to know about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze

You need to get the Tegaki (Climbing Claws) to ascend the elevator shaft in TCRI, they can be found in TCRI basement right side. Also, you need the Shock Shuriken atop the circular staircase in TCRI left side and reach the portal in the top room.

You might have also skipped Karai, which teach you the Dash ability needed to get the Shock Shuriken that opens the door to the Portal.

You need both the Double jump ability and the Dash ability, as well as Mikey. You must jump as high as you can, dash toward the right wall, and then repeat for each spot without moss on the walls.

He’s concerned about Miwa, so he needs to meditate alone. To get the achievement or trophy Dedicated Student, start a new game and talk to him right after the tutorials.

To get a 100% progression in the ending result screen or the Manhattan Project achievement/trophy, you must:

  • Explore every square of the map.
  • Collect every item throughout the game.

Double Jump and then use a Smoke Bomb upward during the fight.

After defeating Shredder, an Item remaining counter appears in the lower right corner of the map in your T-Phone. The number shown is the number of item left to find in the highlighted area.

You can also check the Upgrades tab to see the exact number of each item. However, there is no way to see the number of Ice Cream Kitty left.

No need to worry, your progression is still intact. It’s simply a graphical issue and does not count against 100% completion.

You fell into a Kraang trap. You will need to either let your Turtles get captured, or quit and reload the level.

This is a rare issue that requires you to quit and reload your game.

You used your ninja skills to pinch a nerve that paralyzed him. Use this time to finish him quickly.

Get spotted again and he’ll reset to his former state.

No need to worry, there’s another way out but you may have to make a big detour to come back where you were.

If you are not able to get back into the level, you will need to quit and reload the level.

No worries, the music will be back as soon as you exit the Meditation Room.

Unfortunately you will need to quit and reload the level.

Shredder has escaped. Quit and reload your game for a second chance to beat him.

You came in too fast and made a hole through the elevator roof, quit and reload your game but next time, perform a Double jump before reaching the elevator.

Golden Shuriken fills out your Shuriken up to 20 but won’t raise your carrying capacity. You must find Shuriken Upgrade to increase Shuriken capacity (by 5 each).

It’s the intended behaviour as certain cheats could give the player an edge and some Achievements/Trophies would be too easy. You have to create a new game in order to unlock them.

After defeating Tiger Claw, you unlock the possibility to Fast Travel with either the Drop Copter (east of Rooftop) or the Stealth Cycle (west of City Streets).

This is a known and rare issue, save your game and reboots the console, everything should be alright.

Three ways to defeat them, simply jump above them or dodge roll through and hit them in the back, perform an upward Shell Kicker to get rid of the shield or throw a Bomb Shuriken.

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