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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Online

Race against your friends and other players online


Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled brings an exciting new component to the Crash Bandicoot universe: online racing! Get your friends together for some fast-paced multiplayer racing. Simply jump into the game's Online menu to race against up to seven other players using your console's online capabilities.


Private Match

Private Match allows you to play online with other players of your choosing. The match details and settings are chosen by the Host.

After selecting Private Match, the host can then choose one of two Racing Types.

  • Race – This is your traditional "let's pick a track and race" option.
  • Battle – Five unique Battle modes taking place on a host of tracks, some of which are remastered favorites from Crash Nitro Kart:
    • Limit Battle – Hit opponents with your favorite Power Ups to score points.
    • Capture the Flag – Grab the other team's flag and drive it through your team's portal to win.
    • Crystal Grab – Collect the most crystals within the time limit. Getting hit by an enemy will prove to be costly!
    • Last Kart Driving – Use your limited number of tries to hit your opponents before they hit you and be the last kart driving!
    • Steal the Bacon – There's only one bacon left for everyone. Grab it as quickly as you can and bring it back to your home portal.

Once a Racing Type is chosen, select Go To Lobby to determine settings and invite friends.

  • Customization – Here you can choose any of the Characters or customization items you have unlocked. Choose the character you want in the driver's seat along with a character skin, and you can customize the body, wheels, paint job, decal and sticker for your Kart.
  • Game Settings
    • Race – Choose the Track, the number of Laps (3, 5, or 7), and Difficulty.
    • Battle – Choose the Track, Battle mode, and Difficulty. Depending on the Battle mode chosen, other Game Settings options will be available.
  • Friends – Use the Friends menu to invite other players to the Private Match.



If you're looking to race against other players publicly, choose Matchmaking. Whether you're alone or in a party, Matchmaking will match you or your team with other players online.

After selecting your Racing Type (see explanations of Racing Types above in the Private Match section), choose Go To Lobby. When the matchmaking begins in the Lobby, you can choose your Customization options as well as vote on the track. But be quick – once the Lobby fills up, the race is on!



The Friends menu allows you to see which of your friends are online. See someone you wanna race? Invite him or her to a Private Match or public Matchmaking and set out on a high-octane adventure!


Online multiplayer requires an internet connection and gaming subscription service, sold separately.


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