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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Survival Mode

Everything you need to know about Exo Survival mode for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Exo Survival mode pits you and up to three other players against countless waves of enemy soldiers, drones, Dobermans, and ASTs. The rounds get increasingly more difficult, with more hostiles and the occasional objective round. Objective rounds force you and your team to move out and gather Intel, defuse bombs, collect Dog Tags, or defend a specific point on the map. Players advance to the next level by completing Round 25. At that point, you return to Round 1 with tougher enemies.

Choose among the available Multiplayer maps, as well as one of three difficulties, a starting wave, and whether or not to incorporate Supply Drops.

Choose a Class
Each player is asked to choose from one of three classes: Light, Heavy, or Specialist. You can change your class at any time at an Exo Upgrade Station.

Weapon Upgrade Stations
Each map contains a Weapon Upgrade Station, allowing players to purchase new equipment and upgrades. You can use Upgrade Points to buy new weapons, ammunition, gun attachments, and Exo improvements. Some items are locked until later rounds.

Exo Upgrade Stations
Each map contains an Exo Upgrade Station, allowing you to, upgrade your Exo, change your class, improve Exo stats, change Exo abilities, and upgrade Scorestreaks.

Game Play
Once the first round begins, enemies pour into the area. Take them all down, as the last five are counted down on the left side of your HUD—just above the round number.

Once you defeat all the foes, a 45-second clock counts down to the start of the next round, giving the team time to visit the Weapon and Exo Upgrade Stations and make purchases. Teams can opt out of the timer if each player doubletaps the Use button.

Upgrade Points
Upgrade Points are earned as you play through Exo Survival, which you can in turn use at the Armories to purchase new weapons and upgrades. Two points are given for finishing each round and completing an objective. One point is given for each Support Drop. Grabbing the Weapons Free Perk from a Support Drop allows you to purchase any weapon you want.

Downed But Not Out – Bleeding Out
When you are downed in Exo Survival, you are not dead. Instead you bleed out for a good amount of time and continue to fight off hostiles with your pistol while waiting for a teammate to revive you. If you see a downed teammate, move over to him, and hold the Use button to get him back on his feet.

If a round is completed during this time, downed players are brought back into the game. If you bleed out and teammates are still alive, you enter Spectating View until the next round starts. Once all players have bled out, the game is over. When playing solo, you are revived automatically one time.

Support Drops
Below your mini-map, a blue bar fills as you kill enemies. When it completely fills up, a container drops nearby for each player. At this point, anyone can grab what is inside. One player can even grab all of them if he wants to be greedy. Inside, you receive a selection of four random Scorestreaks or Perks to choose from.

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