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King's Quest: Rubble Without a Cause Technical Issues FAQ

If you're having technical issues with King's Quest: Rubble Without a Cause, check here first


General Issues

No. Depending on your choices within the game, some interactions with and combinations of objects in the world may not be possible. If you get no feedback from an attempted interaction, move on and try something else.

This is a rare bug, however transitioning to another area and returning to the room with the music box in it can easily resolve the problem.

Please note: you will still be able to interact with objects in the room even though the HUD elements are invisible.

This is a rare visual bug that has no affect on gameplay and can be safely ignored.

Xbox 360 Issues

This can happen when A Knight to Remember hasn’t been updated to the latest version. To solve, start up A Knight to Remember and allow it to download and install the latest title update. You should then be able to load up your Rubble Without a Cause saved game without a problem.

Xbox One Issues

This is a rare issue specific to the Xbox One while using a keyboard. To resolve the issue, re-press the same combination of keys to stop Graham from moving or control the character using the Xbox One controller.

PC Issues

This is a rare bug that happens on PCs that fall below the minimum recommended specs for the title. To resolve the problem, you can manually edit the DefaultSystemSetting.ini file.

To edit the DefaultSystemSetting.ini file:

  1. Open the file “\Steam\steamapps\common\King's Quest\GrahamsGame\Config\DefaultSystemSettings.ini” in Notepad.
  2. Change the line “Fullscreen=True” to “Fullscreen=False”

This is a rare bug that can be resolved by quitting the game and relaunching it.

This is an issue that comes up when opening the Pause Menu right after closing the inventory. If this happens, return to the game or the Main Menu.

This happens when you attempt to use the Print Screen button to take a screen shot. To avoid the problem, simply use the Steam key dedicated to screen shots (F12 by default).