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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Support a Creator Beta Program

This pilot program serves to empower fans to support creators directly through purchases using Call of Duty Points (COD Points).

1. Is the support a creator program live on all platforms?

Yes, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® support a creator is available on all platforms on which the game is played. 

2. Where can I purchase COD Points to support this program?

To support a creator in Modern Warfare, you can purchase COD Points in the in-game Franchise Store within Modern Warfare, which is accessible through the Main Menu.

3. When/where do I input the unique code in order to support a creator?

Follow the in-game menu prompt to enter the support a creator code before you complete an in-game purchase such as acquiring a Store bundle or the Battle Pass. You must enter the code first before completing your transaction.

Please note: Be sure to enter your support a creator code in all-caps (e.g. CALLOFDUTY).

4. I have some existing COD Points on my account, can I use those to support a creator?

Yes, you can use existing COD Points or purchase new COD Points for use to support a creator.

5. Is there an option to use a support of creator code when I initially purchase my COD Points from the Franchise Store?

No, the support a creator program works with direct in-game purchases only, not for COD Points purchases.

6. How much of my purchase goes to the creator?

Participating creators will receive $5 USD (or local equivalent) for every 10,000 COD Points spent in-game with their code.

7. Where can I find the code to support the creator of my choice?

This pilot program will initially launch as a beta. Each participating creator has a unique code, which he or she will share with fans.

8. Can I support more than one creator?

Yes, you can support multiple creators as long as each has his or her unique code. However, each individual purchase can only have one creator code associated.

9. Can I support the same creator more than once?

Yes, each creator has only one unique code. The same code can be used multiple times for the same creator.

10. I don’t see my favorite creator included. Will more creators be added to this program?

This pilot program will initially launch as a beta. We hope to add more creators soon. Additional creators will continue to be added throughout the beta.

11. Where I can find more information regarding Call of Duty and Modern Warfare?

For more information, visit and follow @CallofDuty on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

12. Can I support Call of Duty League players in the support a creator program?

Yes, starting September 12th in celebration of the Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend, fans can now support their favorite CDL All-Stars.

13. Why isn’t there an application process for creators to apply?

This is a pilot program and still in beta, so the number of participating creators is small in order for the team to listen, learn, and refine the program. Because this is a pilot, future plans have not been announced and participation is selection-based only – there is not currently an application process. 

The Software License and Service Agreement will be updated. Please follow this link [] in order to see these changes.