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Skylanders SuperChargers Racing for Wii and 3DS Hardware and Toy FAQ

This FAQ will help with common hardware and toy problems in the 3DS and Wii version of Skylanders SuperChargers Racing.

Please note that the following FAQ only addresses hardware and toy issues specific to the Wii and 3DS versions of Skylanders SuperChargers Racing.

Portal of Power & Hardware Questions

To activate the wireless version of the Portal of Power, follow these steps:

  • Activate the Portal of Power by pressing the white surface.
  • Place a Skylander figure on the Portal of Power.
  • Aim the 3DS infrared receptor (located at the back of the 3DS console) at the Portal’s transceiver (identified by a white arrow) for several seconds.

Your batteries may be low on power. Try replacing them with new ones to resolve the issue.

Turn off and restart the game and the Portal of Power. Then place the infrared transceiver of the Portal closer to the infrared receptor of the 3DS.

This can happen if you’re using a Portal released with a Skylanders game prior to Trap Team. Wireless Portals released with SWAP Force, Giants, or Spyro’s Adventure are not supported by Skylanders SuperChargers Racing.

Possibly, but this is an error that can also be cause by something electrical interfering with the Portal’s wireless signal. Try removing any potential sources of electrical interference from the area, then restart the game and portal and try the Skylander again.

If this doesn’t work and your Skylander is still under warranty, you can you can request a replacement toy..

You cannot. The 3DS’ Streetpass function is not supported in Skylanders SuperChargers Racing.

Toy Questions

No. The new Skylanders SuperChargers characters and their associated vehicles will not work in any previous Skylanders game. All older Skylanders will, however, work in Skylanders SuperChargers Racing.

No. The level cap in Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures is ten and it is 15 in Skylanders: Giants. A level 20 Skylander used in one of those games will be dropped to the level cap. Their levels will be returned when they return to Skylanders SuperChargers Racing.

No. This function isn’t supported in the Wii/3DS versions of Skylanders SuperChargers Racing. This function is available, however, in older Skylanders games or in Skylanders SuperChargers for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, or WiiU.

To find out more about the other console versions of Skylanders SuperChargers, check out the Skylanders SuperChargers FAQ..

This message can sometimes appear when another Skylander toy is placed near the Portal of Power (not directly on it). Simply clear the area around your Portal of Power of all Skylander toys and restart the game.

If this message continues to appear and your Skylander is still under warranty, you can you can request a replacement toy..

This is a very rare issue that can happen on the Wii when the game is played for more than two hours continuously. Turning off and restarting the game should eliminate this issue.

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