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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season One Reloaded

The biggest year of Black Ops continues with new weaponry, modes, and more starting today, as well as a beloved 6v6 Multiplayer map and all-new Zombies experience

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Stitch (instant unlock in the Battle Pass)

Bio: Former KGB chemical weapons expert tasked with overseeing the production of Nova 6 on Rebirth Island until 1968 when the CIA raided the island. Captured, he lost an eye during interrogation by Russel Adler. Soviet leadership viewed the loss of Rebirth Island as a failure and sent him to the Gulag. There he was radicalized and recruited by Perseus. Later, when Perseus’ plans were in place, he arranged for Stitch’s jail-break and then installed him back at Rebirth Island to restart the facilities to create new stockpiles of the deadly Nova 6 nerve agent.

Full Name: Vikhor “Stitch” Kuzmin

Nationality: Russian

Faction: Warsaw Pact


Zeyna (available in the Item Shop)

Bio: Senegal-born DGSE Mobility and Heavy Weapons specialist Zeyna has been a motorhead for as long as she can remember. Growing up around the garages of her rally driver father, she jokes that she has gasoline in her veins.

Full Name: Zeyna Ossou

Nationality: Senegalese

Faction: NATO


Bulldozer (available in the Item Shop)

Bio: A highly-skilled member of a US Marine Corps Special Reaction Team, Bulldozer is a CQB and hostage rescue expert. Always first in the fight, Bulldozer strives to protect the defenseless and serves with distinction.

Full Name: Wyatt ‘Bulldozer’ Jones

Nationality: USA

Faction: NATO


2v2 Gunfight

The seminal Modern Warfare 2v2 game mode now comes to Black Ops for the first time! The goal of 2v2 is to kill the enemy team using random loadouts. If the time runs out, the Overtime Flag spawns for another 10 seconds, and both teams have an opportunity to capture it to win the round. If nobody captures the Overtime Flag, the round will end, and the team with the most total health left will wins the round. The first team to take six rounds wins the match.


Prop Hunt

The fan-favorite party mode has players assume the role of props found throughout a given multiplayer map. The goal of the Prop team is to survive while the Hunters must locate and eliminate all enemy props.

At the start of a round, players can cycle between pre-selected props. Props have access to a concussive blast if an attacker gets too close and the ability to deploy clones to create confusion for the enemy team. Props while automatically whistle every 20 seconds, allowing enemies to home in on their location. The first team to take three rounds wins.



Two teams fight for control of a nuclear briefcase by reaching its location and picking it up. The player that can grab the briefcase first will be equipped with a powerful Pistol. While carrying the briefcase, the owning team will gain access to launch codes and earn points for their team. The enemy team must flush out the owning team and take control of the briefcase before it’s too late. The first team to reach the score limit by controlling the briefcase will achieve victory and confirm orders to execute the nuclear war plans.


Combined Arms: Hardpoint (12v12)

Everyone’s favorite king-of-the-hill mode gets even bigger in Combined Arms: Hardpoint. The rules are simple: two teams of 12 fight for ownership of the Hardpoint as it rotates throughout the map, earning points for time spent inside the zone. Victory goes to the first team to reach the score limit or the team with the highest score when time runs out.


Snipers Only Moshpit

Two teams of six will throw down in Team Deathmatch and Domination with all weapons restricted except sniper rifles. Lethal and tactical equipment, as well as Scorestreak weapons (such as the War Machine), will also be restricted for a pure snipers-only experience.


Endurance Mode

Ten squads of four will drop into Alpine, Ruka, and Sanatorium to collect uranium and arm bombs throughout the match. However, after one bomb detonates, a new one will now come online to take its place, ensuring that there will always be five bombs available instead of an initial set of five that gets reduced to a single bomb. This introduces a new layer of strategy and non-stop action to these already intense 40-player battlegrounds.


The Pines - 6v6 Multiplayer

Location: New Jersey, United States

Map size: Medium

Lured and baited by Perseus, Adler and his task force must stop the unleashing of the deadly VFX Nova 6 in a New Jersey mall.


Cutting through the unique shops and side lanes allows quick, intense CQB-focused combat while going through the middle allows longer range assault rifle and sniper focused combat. Players can try to control the high-to-low nature of the middle, which can leave you open to flanks through the side shops and lanes. The fun comes through the risk versus reward of using the side shops to then weave through the middle or duck in and out of them to outsmart enemies.


Raid - 6v6 Multiplayer

Location: Hollywood Hills, United States

Map size: Medium

DEA agents storm a hillside mansion in the Hollywood Hills, looking for a Cartel financier.


The return of the classic Black Ops map Raid – plays the same but looks better. Lots of variety in how you want to engage, all stemming from the hub center, which allows you to control central access to all the lanes, as well as for quick flanks on enemies and objectives.


Express - 6v6 Multiplayer

Location: Los Angeles, Unites States

Map size: Medium

A roughly U-shaped map featuring two train tracks looping around the transportation hub’s main hall. Players can expect plenty of close-quarters combat in the hall but should note that its glass ceiling leaves it susceptible to enemy Scorestreaks.


Long-range combat can take place across the train tracks, especially when looking out from the skybridges on either side of the map. These areas are also great places to watch one of the high-speed trains bolt by the station on one of the tracks, where it won’t hesitate to take out any Operator who doesn’t mind the gap.


U-Bahn - 2v2 Gunfight

Location: Berlin Underground, Germany

Map size: Extra small

A black market dealing weapons and drugs has been discovered in the abandoned underground beneath the Berlin Wall.


Hyper-focused on competitive play, utilize the tracks, side station platforms, and train cars to outsmart enemies, but be quick – the map is tiny.


KGB - 2v2 Gunfight

Location: KGB Headquarters, Soviet Union

Map size: Extra small

Friendly operatives have infiltrated the Lubyanka Building. Assist in their extraction.


This map is very straightforward: the enemy is in front of you, separated by desks and bookcases. How do you want to engage? Head on, up over the desks? Try to outflank them to the high balconies? Lots of quick decisions can be made, but its designed to be a very head-on experience.


Game Show - 2v2 Gunfight

Location: Los Angeles, United States

Map size: Extra small

Intel suggests that Soviet encrypted broadcast signatures have been traced to a popular TV show.


This map is divided into some clear lanes that you can take: backstage, dressing rooms, the actual stage, and the area in front of the stage.  Prepare for head-on engagements, but due to the different lanes and how they funnel, you can get some fun and clever opportunities.


ICBM - 2v2 Gunfight

Location: Cheyenne Mountain Complex, United States

Map size: Extra small

Perseus operatives have infiltrated the Cheyenne Mountain Complex and are attempting to launch a nuclear ICBM.


The unique circular design allows players to rotate around the middle at the risk of less cover, or to stay on the outer edges for safety or longer-range engagements. There is also a tunnel under the middle for quick flanks/outsmart moments.


Sanatorium – Fireteam

Location: Ural Plains, Soviet Union

Map size: Extra large

NATO forces investigate a Soviet experimental health retreat.


This map introduces aquatic gameplay and vehicles as well as a large expansive play area for players to choose their own adventure. It’s a unique sandbox with the large Sanatorium building surrounding water, bridges, and the monument island, all allowing for chaotic encounters driven by the player's agency and objectives.


Mac-10 - SMG

Unlocked at Tier 15 in the Battle Pass

Featuring an impressive, fully-automatic fire rate initially tempered by a slight vertical recoil and moderate damage, this new SMG benefits from improved handling speeds.

Obtain the Mac-10 for free to use in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone at Tier 15 of the Season One Battle Pass, just by playing the game.


Groza - Assault Rifle

Unlocked at Tier 31 in the Battle Pass

A fully-automatic assault rifle with excellent handling speeds and solid damage, as well as a fast fire rate and impressive damage range.


Streetsweeper - Shotgun

With the fastest fire rate in its class and a larger ammo pool than its brethren, this is a fully automatic shotgun designed to clear out rooms of multiple foes. Prior to your gunsmithing, expect slightly reduced damage but reliable weapon control.


Sledgehammer - Melee

Leave a mark with the Sledgehammer, a thick and weighty melee armament to take with you when bludgeoning is the plan of attack.


Wakizashi - Melee

Famously known as the companion sword to the Samurai’s Katana, this weapon saw much more proliferation, as its ownership was not restricted. Seeing widespread use as personal defense by merchants and artisans, the scabbard became highly decorated and more expressive. Though such high demand for the weapon saw manufacturing techniques became more varied, more expedient, and less rigorous. However, a traditionally forged blade, using two types of steel, consisting of inner and outer layers with carrying carbon density, and benefiting from a folded steel technique, produces a weapon that is light to wield, resilient to force, and durable to wear. This is such a weapon.


Jingle Hells

This limited-time holiday mode turns “Die Maschine” into more of a winter wasteland than a wonderland, and there’s plenty of cheer to keep you in the yuletide mood. Aside from the new holiday decorations, expect a variety of festive firepower to augment your offensive capabilities including snowballs that can freeze zombies, stocking power-ups, presents you can extract from frozen foes, and special surprises waiting inside the snowmen.



A limited-time mode both literally and figuratively! Keep one eye on the countdown timer, and the other on your zombie-killing: spend too long without an undead takedown and you’ll explode! There’s no time to lose as your survival depends on frantic, terror-filled takedowns where the only respite is the Cranked power-up, granting a brief breather before the carnage continues.


Firebase Z

With the site of “Projekt Endstation” destroyed after investigating the Dark Aether anomaly in Poland, the Requiem response team led by Grigori Weaver now turns its attention to the latest outbreak site, codenamed “Firebase Z.”


Rebirth Island

Warzone delivers with a mass of free content, including an entirely new Battle Royale experience: Rebirth Island.

An illicit Soviet base was raided and shut down by the CIA in 1968, during which Operator Russell Adler caught and forcefully interrogated the base commander Vikhor “Stitch” Kuzmin. The facility was rebuilt and recommissioned by Stitch in 1984 with one purpose: the creation and testing of the deadly Nova 6 gas.

Part prison, part chemical bioweapons manufacturing and testing facility, the entire island has dozens of locations to explore, including laboratories, barracks, decontamination areas, and a hilltop prison block where unspeakable acts have been perpetrated.


New Verdansk Gulag Experience

It’s time to step out of the Gulag showers as prisoners of Warzone are now dragged to an interrogation room, strapped to a chair, and thrown into an all-new Gulag where the 1v1 battle rules are similar, but the arena is completely different! Watch from the spectator gantry, spraying, punching, or lobbing rocks at adversaries before entering the secret training facility below: A new yet instantly familiar face-off in a Nuketown facsimile built by the Soviets who constructed Black Ops Cold War’s Amerika Town!

The design is a makeshift replica of the original Nuketown map layout with both home interiors and backyards barricaded off, focusing the duel to a confined central arena. Prisoners must now weave through or around the parked bus and faux truck to meet their target or take a risk by climbing up one of the home’s awnings to get solid sightlines across the zone. As usual, the last Operator standing, or the one that grabs the central overtime flag, gets a second chance in Verdansk.


New Rebirth Island Gulag Experience

A second new Gulag is coming to Warzone! Deep below the surface of Rebirth Island's Prison Block, prisoners are dragged to an ominous new arena during traditional Battle Royale modes. This classified location has a grim history, as certain inmates were experimented on as part of Perseus' plot to turn the tide of the Cold War. 

This new 1v1 experience is centered around the chamber in question, with prisoners of Warzone starting at the end of one of two hallways that run parallel to the center room. Although these pathways offer a quick route across the floor, both have a metal detector that will go off whenever an Operator passes through, adding an additional element of strategy to this intense duel for survival. And remember: your fellow prisoners can still lob rocks down into the arena while they wait for their shot at a second chance.


New Game Mode: Resurgence

Think you’re dead? It’s not over yet: This new game mode for Rebirth Island focuses on respawning as a key to victory. Scavenge caches and gear up as normal, hunt down other squads, and focus on dropping every last one of them. Otherwise, they’re liable to respawn and seek revenge!

  • The Gulag is closed (likely for some deep fumigation).
  • After taking out an enemy, you’ll gain a moment of extreme clarity on where the rest of that enemy team is located. Now finish them!
  • If you’re taken down, there’s no time for a Gulag battle in this game mode! Instead, watch your squadmates and hope they survive for long enough as the Rebirth Countdown reaches zero, after which you automatically drop back into the fray.


Black Ops Cold War Content Integration


At the start of Season One, expect the Mil-Sim Operators Song (NATO) and Vargas (Warsaw Pact) to become available in Warzone, along with Stitch. All the other launch-day Black Ops Cold War Operators are already available in Warzone, providing you unlock any necessary challenges related to them.

From this point, all future Black Ops Cold War Operators will simultaneously appear in Warzone once any necessary unlock challenges are completed.


Expect a huge addition to your Warzone armory as a vast infusion of Cold War weaponry becomes available for you to use in your loadouts! Unless a weapon has a particular challenge to unlock it, Black Ops Cold War Primary and Secondary weapons – including Blueprint variants – will be accessible in Warzone.

Season One weapons such as the Groza AR and Mac 10 SMG become available in both games once you reach the specific Battle Pass Tiers needed to unlock them.


The progression system that links XP between Black Ops Cold War, Warzone, and even Modern Warfare becomes available in Season One. Here’s what to expect:

When Season One drops, expect your Season Level to be synchronized across all three titles based on your current Season Level in Black Ops Cold War. Note that all your previous unlocks (from Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare, such as Weapons, Perks, Scorestreaks, or Killstreaks) will remain unlocked.

From this point onward, playing in any of the three games counts toward player and Battle Pass progression, giving you the freedom to play as you wish. Here are some examples. You can:

  • Play in Black Ops Cold War and/or Warzone and earn Battle Pass XP to unlock Tiers in the Season One Battle Pass.
  • Play in Modern Warfare and earn Battle Pass XP to unlock Tiers in the Season One Battle Pass, though these Battle Pass rewards are only accessible in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.
  • Use Black Ops Cold War weapons and gain Weapon XP in either Black Ops Cold War or Warzone.
  • Use Modern Warfare weapons and gain Weapon XP in either Modern Warfare or Warzone.
  • Earn XP in Warzone or Modern Warfare to increase your Season Levels and Prestige in Black Ops Cold War.

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