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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 2

When one chapter ends... another begins. A massive, all-new Zombies experience. Four new Operators. Six new weapons. New Multiplayer maps.

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Naga (instant unlock in the Battle Pass)

Bio: A former warlord who grew rich trafficking drugs and weapons through the Golden Triangle, Naga is feared by his men for his temper and brutality. Recruited by Perseus to move WMDs around the globe using his established supply lines.

Full Name: Kapano “Naga” Vang

Nationality: Laotian

Faction: Warsaw Pact

Service: Perseus


Maxis (available in the Item Shop)

Bio: Former BND agent Maxis is something of an enigma to her fellow Operators. Despite delivering outstanding results in the field, her independent streak and the gaps in her background frequently confound her superiors.

Full Name: Samantha Maxis

Nationality: German

Faction: NATO

Service: BND/Requiem


Wolf (coming to the Item Shop in season)

Bio: Wolf learned to hunt in the bayous surrounding his grandparent’s Louisiana home. Entering service on his 18th birthday in memory of his fallen brother, he now stalks more dangerous prey as an elite Delta Force sniper.

Full Name: Terrell Wolf

Nationality: American

Faction: NATO


Service: Delta Force


Rivas (coming to the Item Shop in season)

Bio: As a child, Rivas saw firsthand the deadly consequences that the Menendez Cartel’s wars with rival gangs had on their neighboring communities. She has dedicated her life to ridding her country of the cartel’s influence.

Full Name: Rivas, Karla

Nationality: Nicaraguan

Faction: NATO

Service: Guerilla Warfare


Gun Game – Free-for-All

The fan-favorite party mode comes to Black Ops Cold War. Players are tasked with progressing through a predetermined set of 20 weapons, starting with a Pistol and ending with a Combat Knife. The first player to kill an enemy with each weapon will win the game.

A win is secured when a player gets a kill with all 20 weapons. The final kill can come with the Combat Knife or a Finishing Move. Also, at any time in the game, a melee or Finishing Move kill will set the victim’s weapon progression back one level.


Stockpile – 6v6

This Kill Confirmed variant still has players collecting dog tags of downed enemies and teammates. However, players are also tasked with dropping their collected dog tags in deposit sites that rotate around the map throughout the match.

Since players can carry multiple dog tags at a time, intense gameplay will develop as players attempt to deposit dog tag collections. If a player is killed while holding dog tags, their dog tag collection will drop, creating exciting and dangerous opportunities for the attacker.


Hardpoint – Multi-team (coming in season)

A frenetic new multi-squad version of the classic Hardpoint game mode pits 10 teams of four against one another on the biggest maps in Black Ops Cold War. Hardpoints rotate every 120 seconds, and the first team to 500 seconds of capture time wins the match.


Apocalypse – 6v6 Multiplayer

Location: Laos, Southeast Asia

Map size: Small/Medium

Set in and around a cartel base in the Laotian jungle and the center of the Golden Triangle, this map features paths and runways that weave through the base’s buildings and a nearby temple fortress.


Ideal for players with quick and aggressive playstyles, the maps abundant corners give players the freedom to snake in and out of the firefight.


Golova – Fireteam

Location: Ural Plains, Soviet Union

Map size: Extra large

On the outside, Golova looks like a traditional Russian village, but it was designed and created by Dragovich with a single purpose: to push the boundaries of science.


While the map features lots of close quarters from building to building, it is still a large enough map to cater to all weapon ranges. With several buildings and houses are situated on a hill, expect intense fighting as players maneuver up and down the stepped terrain.


Mansion – 2v2 and 3v3 Gunfight

Location: Havana, Cuba

Map size: Extra small

Open east and west wing courtyards feed into a room in the center of the mansion, leading to plenty of head-on combat opportunities.


Miami Strike – 6v6 Multiplayer

Location: Miami, Florida

Map size: Medium

A daytime variant of the Miami Multiplayer map trades the glow of neon lights and the cover of shadows for the bright, blistering sun of South Beach.


FARA 83 – Assault Rifle

Unlocked at Tier 15 in the Battle Pass

This fully-automatic assault rifle delivers an impressive fire rate that results in solid damage, even at long ranges. Though its handling speed is slower than other weapons in its class, the FARA 83 offers reliable accuracy and control.


LC10 – SMG

Unlocked at Tier 31 in the Battle Pass

With its solid accuracy and excellent damage range, the fully-automatic SMG offers well-rounded dependability. Its lower damage rating is balanced by a steady fire rate, rewarding players with quickness and precision.


Machete – Melee (coming in season)

Complete a related Challenge to unlock the base or purchase a bundle with a Blueprint version

Manufactured from a durable steel blade tempered to maximum toughness to resist chipping and breaking. Popular in many tropical countries as both a weapon and an agricultural tool.


R1 Shadowhunter – Special (coming in season)

Complete a related Challenge to unlock the base or purchase a bundle with a Blueprint version

This lightweight crossbow launches lethal bolt projectiles to silently eliminate enemies. Good handling and hip-fire accuracy with faster movement speeds.


E-Tool – Melee (coming in season)

Complete a related Challenge to unlock the base or purchase a bundle with a Blueprint version

Military-style tri-fold entrenching shovel. Typically used to dig a defensive fighting position, but is equally effective as an ancillary weapon in close-quarters combat.


ZRG 20mm – Sniper Rifle (coming in season)

Complete a related Challenge to unlock the base or purchase a bundle with a Blueprint version

This bolt-action beast offers the highest bullet velocity in the Sniper Rifle class. Its reload speed is also among the fastest in class, giving snipers a leg up when faced with multiple hostiles.


Death Machine

This savage handheld minigun delivers a relentless barrage of high-damage rounds, taking down enemies, low-flying and grounded Scorestreaks, and vehicles with relative ease. Player movement is somewhat limited when the Death Machine is equipped, but the destruction is not.

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