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Accessing New GobbleGums in Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies

Information on new GobbleGum access and account availability


Mega GobbleGums

Question: I’m having trouble using the new GobbleGums available in Black Ops III Zombies. What should I do?

Answer: With each DLC Pack released, Call of Duty: Black Ops III also introduces new Mega GobbleGum types.


Please note: Following the launch of DLC 3: Descent, GobbleGums released with DLC packs can no longer be shared and can only be used on the account used to purchase the DLC. Secondary accounts will not have access to these GobbleGums.


To access these new GobbleGums in game:

  • Select GobbleGum from the main Zombies menu.
  • Select a GobbleGum Pack to customize.
  • Select a GobbleGum from the pack to replace.
  • Tab right to the Mega category. The new GobbleGums are marked with a yellow DLC flag.


The following GobbleGums have been released in conjunction with each DLC pack:


Fatal Contraption

Fatal Contraption (MEGA)

Activated (2x Activations)

Spawn a Death Machine power up.


Crawl Space

Crawl Space (MEGA)

Activated (5x Activations)

All nearby zombies become crawlers.


Undead Man Walking

Undead Man Walking (RARE MEGA)

Activates Immediately (Lasts 4 minutes)

Slow down all zombies to shambling speed.


Head Drama


Activates Immediately (Lasts for the remainder of the round)

Any bullet that hits a zombie will damage its head.


Unbearable (MEGA)

Auto-activates when a teddy bear appears in the magic box.

Magic box re-spins automatically. Magic box will not move for several uses.


Fear in Headlights

Fear in Headlights (RARE MEGA)

Activated (1x Activation, 2 Minutes)

Zombies seen by players will not move.


Temporal Gift

Temporal Gift (RARE MEGA)

Activates Immediately (Lasts 1 full round)

Power ups last longer.


Secret Shopper

Secret Shopper (ULTRA-RARE MEGA)

Activates Immediately (Lasts 10 minutes)

Any gun wall-buy can be used to buy ammo for any gun.

Projectile Vomiting

Projectile Vomiting (CLASSIC WHIMSICAL)

Activates Immediately (Lasts 5 full rounds)

Zombies you kill with grenades and large projectiles vomit uncontrollably.


Disorderly Combat

Disorderly Combat (MEGA)

Activates Immediately (Lasts for 5 minutes)

Gives a random gun every 10 seconds.


Slaughter Slide

Slaughter Slide (MEGA)

Auto-activates when sliding (6x Activations)

Create 2 lethal explosions by sliding.


Crate Power

Crate Power (RARE MEGA)

Auto-activates next time you take a gun from the magic box

The next gun taken from the magic box comes Pack-a-Punched.


Shopping Free

Shopping Free (ULTRA-RARE MEGA)

Activates Immediately (Lasts 15 minutes)

All purchases are free.

Projectile Vomiting

Newtonian Negation (CLASSIC WHIMSICAL)

Activates Immediately (Lasts 25 minutes)

Zombies killed fall straight up.


Disorderly Combat

Mind Blown (MEGA)

Activated (3x Activations)

Gib the heads of all zombies you can see, killing them.


Slaughter Slide

Bullet Boost (RARE MEGA)

Activated (2x Activations)

Re-Pack your current Pack-a-Punched gun (if supported).


Crate Power

Near Death Experience (ULTRA-RARE MEGA)

Activates Immediately (Lasts 3 full rounds)

Revive, or be revived, simply by being near other players. Revived players keep all of their perks.


Shopping Free

Profit Sharing (ULTRA-RARE MEGA)

Activates Immediately (Lasts 10 minutes)

Points you earn are also received by nearby players, and vice versa.


Shopping Free

Round Robbin' (ULTRA-RARE MEGA)

Activated (1x Activation)

Ends the current round. All players gain 1600 points.


Shopping Free

Self Medication (ULTRA-RARE MEGA)

Auto-activates by getting a kill in last stand (3x Activations)

Auto revive yourself. Keep all of your perks.


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