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War Mode in Call of Duty: WWII

Breaking down the new cooperative game mode for Call of Duty: WWII


War is an all-new game mode in Call of Duty: WWII where you and your team must work together to complete a narrative-driven, multi-objective mission to defeat the enemy. Allied or Axis forces alternate between completing assault-based objectives and thwarting the opponent's efforts.




Each map in War has multiple objectives, and your goal in each objective is to push the fight forward or prevent the enemy from advancing. Completing an objective redraws the battle line, pushes back the defending team, and forces the team to exit a new out of bounds zone before a timer reaches zero.

A round ends when the offensive team completes all objectives or the defending team stops the attackers from completing any objective. The teams then switch sides and roles.

Along with the arms you carry in War, building walls, obstacles, and machine gun emplacements is essential to defending objectives. Look for advantageous locations to build objects to take out or slow down the enemy. Remember: anything that can be built can also be destroyed.

Scorestreaks are disabled in War. However, Care Packages will occasionally drop between objectives after an effective retreat.


The Allies attempt to capture a small village while Axis forces do whatever they can to hold onto this strategic location.


Objective 1 – Capture/Defend the Command Outpost

Allies – Capture the building quickly at all costs. Waiting too long allows the Axis time to build a machine gun emplacement aimed at the Allies' spawn point and makes capturing this objective significantly more difficult.

Axis – Enter the outpost and build the machine gun emplacement facing the oncoming Allied forces. With little cover leading up to the outpost, Allies will have a difficult time approaching the outpost against an onslaught of machine gun fire.


Objective 2 – Construct the Bridge/Prevent Bridge Construction

Allies – Begin construction on the bridge while taking advantage of the small amount of space your side can occupy on the other side of the gorge. Once the bridge is a little more than half-built, Axis forces can jump across the gap and enter Allied territory, giving the Axis more room to attack and seek cover.

Axis – Use the vantage points in the buildings to target enemy Allies attempting to build the bridge. If the bridge gets more than halfway built, you and your team can jump to the bridge and invade enemy territory. Be careful: the bridge offers little cover.


Objective 3 – Destroy/Protect the Ammo Dump

Allies – The objective here is simple and straightforward: plant a bomb on the ammo dump and defend the bomb until it detonates. Take out enemies who try to defuse your bomb.

Axis – Prevent the Allies from destroying the ammo dump. If they plant a bomb, defuse it before it's too late. Flanking the enemy can be an effective strategy in this objective.


Objective 4 – Escort/Stop the Tank

Allies – Advancing the tank is the goal. You must have at least one soldier escorting the tank — either riding on it, seated in its gunner seat, or walking along side of it — or it won't move forward, and neglecting the tank will cause it to roll backward.

Axis – Once again, flanking is key to this objective, as attacking the tank head-on will often spell your doom. You can also take advantage of machine gun emplacements in trenches and cover that's out of bounds to Allies.

The Axis is escorting three tanks through occupied territory while the Allies attempt to prevent the tanks from reaching their destination.


Objective 1 – Escort/Stop the Tanks

Axis – You must have a soldier escort each of your three tanks, and getting two of the tanks through the objective area wins the objective. Watch out for Allies building barricades in your path. Barricades will prevent your tanks from moving forward until you plant a bomb and destroy the obstacle.

Allies – The objective ends when two Axis tanks reach their destination, so you must stop the tanks' progress at all costs. Building barricades in the tank paths should be your first action, but you should also be on the lookout for machine gun emplacements.


Objective 2 – Steal/Defend Fuel Cans

Axis – Steal three fuels cans from the Allies and return them to your tank. Fuel cans are situated in two locations, and if a fuel can is taken and used, a new fuel can will respawn in its original place.

Allies – Defending the two fuel caches is your primary focus in this objective. Build walls around the fuel cans to cut off your enemies' access, but be sure to allow access for your teammates.


Objective 3 – Secure/Defend the Bridge

Axis – Escort your tank to the bridge to win the objective and the operation. You must have at least one soldier escorting the tank — either riding on it, seated in its gunner seat, or walking alongside it — or it won't move forward, and neglecting the tank will cause it to roll backward.

Allies – The strategy here is simple: keep the Axis soldiers away from the tank. An unaccompanied tank can't move forward and won't reach its target destination.


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