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Crash Team Rumble Season 2

Check out what’s new in Season 2 for Crash Team Rumble

Get ready for all new ways to play Crash Team Rumble™, as Season 2 delivers new game modes and maps, plus a new hero and new power, all releasing during the season.


Season 2 introduces Party Mode, a fast-paced co-op experience for players looking for a change of pace from competitive matches. Played in teams of four, Party Mode features five unique mini-game rounds, each with a specific goal the team must achieve.

A team's score in each round is based on how quickly the team can complete each goal, so keep an eye on the timer! And be sure to collect clocks to increase your team’s remaining time.

If a team can master each of the four Party Mode Waves in a round, a Boss Wave unlocks.


Party Mode Rounds

  • Speed Run: Dodge bumpers, nitro crates, and other hazards as you race your way through speed pads. When you are connected to other players by the tether, your overall speed increases. But stray too far from your teammates and your tether breaks.
  • What’s Cookin?: Communication is the secret ingredient to this round. Teams must work together to collect specific ingredients scattered around the map. Then, deliver the correct ingredients to the huge pot roaming around the map.
  • Get Lit: Use your candles to light lanterns hanging in various spots within the giant tower. But be careful: your candle can burn out! If it does, you’ll need the help of another teammate to re-light your candle.
  • Dig It: Search for a variety of bones buried throughout the map, then bring them to the center of the map to reassemble a skeleton. Larger bones will need more than one player to carry them, so you will need teamwork and timing to get these bones to their destination.
  • Balloon Bounce (coming later in Season 2): Take to the skies in Calamity Canyon and bounce across the waves of balloons to score points. Pay close attention to the goals, as players will need to bounce on a specific number of balloon shapes in order to win. Watch out for your teammates, as more than one player bouncing on a balloon at the same time can lead to disaster!


Waste Deep

Waste Deep

Explore the dangerous sewers of Waste Deep, littered with Cortex’s diabolical experiments. Be the first to activate the relic stations on this map to wreak some mad scientist havoc on the enemy team!

Jazz Junction

Jazz Junction

Later in the season, players can also rumble on Jazz Junction, a night-time map in the midst of a jazzy jamboree. Boogie with the local musicians and equip game-changing masks to turn the tides of a match. It’s a hectic and playful arena, where no match is ever the same!


Originally appearing in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, Ripto is the newest Booster added to the hero roster. His classic scepter unleashes a variety of magical abilities to unleash on the battlefield:

  • Fireball: Cast a large magical fireball that damages enemies and crates and continues through those objects to potentially damage more distant targets.
  • Call/Catch Lightning: Summon and aim a bolt of lightning that hurls airborne enemies to the ground. Walk into a bolt of lightning to trigger a huge explosion of electricity that damages and knocks back his opponents.
  • Tsunami: Conjure a wave of water that carries Ripto and nearby enemies up into the air! Combos well with lightning abilities.

Be on the lookout for his release later during Season 2.


Coming later in the season, Minefield is a new selectable defensive power used to make an area dangerous to enemy players. Activating Minefield unleashes the following powers:

  • Every time a player jumps, a new mine is created at their feet.
  • Mines explode on contact with enemies but do not harm allies.
  • Mine placement does have a max count. Once that limit is hit, the oldest mine is replaced by a newly generated one.


Progress through either the free or premium track of the Season 2 Battle Pass and unlock new skins, cosmetics, music, and more. Included with the Crash Team Rumble Deluxe Edition, the Season 2 Premium Battle Pass offers 100 tiers of unlockable content. The Premium Battle Pass is also available for Standard Edition owners through a separate purchase for 950 Crash Coins. Completing all 100 tiers of the Season 2 Premium Battle Pass will also reward you with 1000 Crash Coins. 

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