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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Gameplay Tips

Gameplay tips and in-game features

The following is a breakdown of tips and tricks for playing Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.

1. Can I change how my Turbo Gauge looks?

Feel like changing the look of your Turbo Gauge? Press TRIANGLE / Y / X to switch between three options while racing.

2. What do Nitro Wheels do?

The Nitro Wheels feature makes your tires glow when it's the perfect time to boost. You can turn this off in the Options menu if you're more of the "Classic" type!

3. I got hit with a TNT Crate. What Should I do?

When you get a TNT Crate on your head, start pressing the Hop button (R1 / RB / R in Standard control layout, X / A / B in Alternate control layout) immediately. If you react fast and hop enough times, the TNT Crate will fall off your head before it explodes.

4. What is Wumpa Fruit?

The more Wumpa Fruit you collect, the faster your kart will drive. Wumpa Fruit are lost if you get hit by a Power Up, trigger a hazard, or fall off the track. Once you collect and hold 10 Wumpa Fruit, you'll be juiced up and your Power Ups will become more potent.

5. How do I drift through turns?

You can go faster and drift through turns by Power Sliding. To perform a Power Slide, press the Power Slide button (R1 / RB / R in Standard control layout, X / A / B in Alternate control layout) while executing a hard turn.

6. How do I use Turbo Boost?

To get a Turbo Boost while Power Sliding, wait until the smoke from your exhaust turns black, then press the Power Slide button (R1 / RB / R in Standard control layout, X / A / B in Alternate control layout) while still Power Sliding. If you wait too long, you'll hear a backfire sound and miss your chance for a boost. You can reach a higher speed by chaining up to three Turbo Boosts while Power Sliding. Use the Turbo Gauge to perfect your timing.

7. How do I make quick turns around tight corners?

To get around a tight turn or to face a certain direction quickly, perform a Brake Slide by pressing and holding the Brake button (SQUARE / X / Y) while turning hard.

8. How do I get a Turbo Boost from Jumps?

You can get a Hang Time turbo from jumping. The longer you're in the air, the bigger the turbo you'll get when you land. For big turbos, try to get extra air tie by hopping off jumps using the Hop button.

9. How do I get a boost at the beginning of a race?

To get a speed boost right at the start of the race, press X / A / B just before the green starting light turns on.

10. How do I defend myself from missiles?

To deny a Tracking Missile, drop a Beaker just as the missile is about to hit you.

11. How do I throw a Beaker?

You can throw a Beaker forward by holding the left stick upward and pressing CIRCLE / B / A.

12. How do I use a Bowling Bomb?

You can shoot a Bowling Bomb backwards by holding the left stick downward and pressing CIRCLE / B / A.

13. How do I shoot a Power Shield?

You can shoot your Power Shield forward by pressing CIRCLE / B / A.

14. How do I destroy a TNT Crate or a Beaker on the Track?

Shoot a Bowling Bomb or Tracking Missile at a TNT Crate or Beaker to blast it out of your way!

15. How do I play CTR Challenge?

Collect the letters C, T, and R and win the race to earn a CTR Token.

16. What is Relic Race?

Complete the race in less time than the time in the top corner to earn a Relic. Don't miss the Time Crates! Breaking a Time Crate freezes the timer for the number of seconds indicated on the crate.

17. What is Crystal Challenge?

Collect every Crystal in the arena before the time runs out. Collect them all and you win a prize!

18. How do I identify Warp Pads on the minimap?

Dots and Stars on the map represent Warp Pads which lead to races. When a Dot or Star flashes, it signifies that they are active and ready to play.

19. how do I access tracks?

Tracks are accessed by driving onto active Warp Pads, which are indicated by a flashing Dot or Star on the minimap.

Tracks that are not accessible require Trophies to activate the Warp Pad. The amount of Trophies required to activate a Warp Pad and unlock the track is indicated by a number floating about the Warp Pad.

20. How do I activate a Warp Pad?

Finishing a track in first place wins you a Trophy. Trophies activate Warp Pads and unlock other tracks within an Area. Once you've completed all four standard tracks in an Area, a Boss Door opens, unlocking the Boss track.

21. How do I unlock doors?

Winning a race on the Boss track awards a Boss Key, which are then used to unlock Area Doors that lead to new Areas. Note that some doors require two Boss Keys to open.

Area Doors are indicated by a double arrow icon on the minimap.

22. How do I load or save a game?

You can load a saved game or save your progress at any time while you're in an Area. Simply drive up to green Load/Save screen and follow the directions on the screen.

Load/Save screens are indicated by a green bar on the minimap.

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