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King's Quest: A Knight to Remember Technical Issues FAQ

If you're having technical issues with King's Quest: A Knight to Remember, check here first

This FAQ deals with frequently asked technical issues in King's Quest: A Knight to Remember. If you are having issues with the gameplay or story, please check out our gameplay and story issue FAQ.

If the game crashes you’ll have to quit the game and reload from a saved game. Remember to save early and save often!

This happens during zone transitions. Subtitles from the active dialogues will disappear when doing so, however this should not affect gameplay.

The Achievement/Trophy only unlocks correctly when blowing into Waddles' Horn on the left side of the river without using any mouthpiece.

Don’t worry about them. These button prompts are actually superfluous and don’t have any functionality.

There is no voice-over volume control. To raise the voice-over volume, turn down the “Music” and “SFX” volume without touching the master volume control.

Speak again to Amaya the Blacksmith and the issue should be resolved. Otherwise you will have to quit and reload from the last checkpoint.

This is a rare bug that occurs when the socks are placed in a specific position between Waddles and the guards. It should not hinder completion of the game. However if the visual problems continue, you may need to quit and reload from a saved game.

No. If you wish to read the subtitle, you will need to replay the sequence from a saved game after the Trophy/Achievement has already popped.

This usually starts at a later point in the story and the loading can get longer when free roaming for extended periods of time. Closing and rebooting the game should resolve the issue.

To get the higher resolution textures, exit to the Main Menu and reload your saved game.

It can sometimes take up to five minutes after turning on the subtitles for the game to “catch up” and start displaying them.

This will sometimes happen if you purchase the pumpkin and attempt to move before using it on the cauldron. Reload a saved game to resolve this issue.

This is a rare issue that cannot be resolved through the use of in-game volume controls. Adjust the sound levels on your TV or PC for the duration of your time in the Battle of Speed.

PC Specific Questions

When playing with a keyboard and mouse, you‘ll need to roll over the menus before they get highlighted.

This may happen on PCs that are close to the minimum spec requirements. Check our system requirements article again and make sure your PC is capable of running the game smoothly.

No. This is a rare bug but should not affect your gameplay.

Unfortunately due to technical limitations, subtitles will always appear cut on the borders at this resolution. Try playing the game at a different resolution to fix this problem.

If this occurs you will have to quit the game and reload from an earlier save.

The mouse sensitivity will only affect the first-person portions of the game.

If the issue occurred after using the “Pin to taskbar” option or using the executable in the King’s Quest Steam folder, you'll need to launch King’s Quest through the Steam Library instead. It is also possible to use the King’s Quest desktop shortcut created through Steam.

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