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Skylanders Imaginators Racing FAQ

Check this article if you have issues with the racing portion of Skylanders Imaginators

Start your engines, Skylanders! Racing is returning to Skylands in Skylanders Imaginators! The following FAQ answers general questions about racing in Skylanders Imaginators as well as questions regarding specific portions of racing gameplay.

General Racing Questions

There are no new vehicles being released for Skylanders Imaginators. The game does, however, contain the entire racing portion from Skylanders SuperChargers, including all race tracks, support for all vehicles, and a complete online multiplayer racing system.

Yes. The Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Cortex Skylanders figures work on any platform and can drive any of the supported Skylanders vehicles.

Yes. Traps have the same functionality in the racing sections of Skylanders Imaginators as they do in Skylanders SuperChargers. Traps do not have any function in the action-adventure portions of the game.

No. Skylanders Imaginators comes with Land, Sea, and Air Instant Skylander vehicles that let anyone play the racing section of the game without purchasing a vehicle toy.

All of the race tracks released after the launch of Skylanders SuperChargers are available in Skylanders Imaginators without needing to be unlocked. Special racing modes, such as mirror races and Villain’s Cup races, are present in Skylanders Imaginators, but must be unlocked using their associated Skylanders toy.

Yes. Any of the new characters released with Skylanders Imaginators can race in the game using any supported vehicle.

Yes! Any player-created Skylander can drive and race using any supported vehicle.

No. Players who are racing in Skylanders Imaginators will not be able to race with people using the racing portion of Skylanders SuperChargers.

No. There is no support for Skylanders SuperChargers’ Driver’s Challenges in Skylanders Imaginators.

No fear! Pandergast is still running the Skylanders racing scene, but you’ll now need to find him on the M.A.P. – the Mystical Ancient Place you use to select levels.

The races in Imaginators are eight character races with human players challenging AI racers. The number of players that can race is as follows:

  • PlayStation 4/Xbox One: Four human players can challenge four AI racers online.
  • PlayStation 3/Xbox 360: Two human players can challenge six AI racers online.

All platforms also have local two-player split-screen racing.

No. There are no Custom Parts in Skylanders Imaginators, and vehicle toys with Custom Parts saved on them will not transfer those Parts over to Skylanders Imaginators.

Gameplay Questions

This can happen when the controller of the race’s host gets disconnected or the host has lost their internet connection. If you experience this, you will have to back out of the race and start a new one.

This can happen when quitting out of a Land race and then trying to get back to the M.A.P. If you experience this, you’ll need to restart the game.

You’ll need to be a bit patient. The game will not tell you that the other player is busy in an online race menu while setting up a lobby for an online race. Once the lobby is set up, you should be able to race.

This can happen when you accept an invitation to join a race lobby while customizing your vehicle. If this happens, you will need to restart the game.

This can happen when your internet connection is lost and quickly comes back while the parental warning message is on the screen. If this happens, simply back out to the main menu or restart the game.

There are a few reasons why this might happen during a race. If you experience this, you will need to restart your game.

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