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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Suit FAQ

How to use the Exo Suit in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The Exo Suit empowers you with superior strength and mobility, allowing you to move through the battlefield like never before.

Mastery of the Exo Suit is critical when competing and succeeding in Multiplayer matches. These basic Exo Suit movements will help you fly through maps with incredible speed or instinctively dodge incoming fire.

Exo Movement Stealth
Any time you execute a dodge, dash, or Boost Jump, you appear as a short-lived radial ping on the mini-map. You also are visible to anyone using the Exo Ping ability. The Blast Suppressor Perk conceals your exhaust, hiding your ping on the mini-map.

Boost Abilities
Boost Jump
The most basic of all Exo movements, Boost Jumps allow you to gain additional height and distance, letting you bound across rooftops, stand on top of cover, gain an elevated firing position, spot enemies behind low cover, jump behind cover, and quickly evade nearby adversaries. Simply double-tap the Jump button to activate your thrusters and double jump.

Boost Dodge
Pressing left, right, or back and the Sprint button causes you to perform a Boost Dodge.

Dodging gives you a sudden burst of lateral or reverse speed, perfect for evading an enemy in close quarters, or getting some space from a shotgun rusher. You cannot perform a Boost Dodge while aiming down sights (ADS) or hipfiring. You must either dodge before you begin shooting, or momentarily pause to evade.

Boost Dodge has a short cooldown period that prevents you from repeatedly using it.

Boost Dash
Dashing allows you to quickly shift your momentum mid-air, performing a dash in any direction. You don’t have to Boost Jump to Boost Dash. You can perform a single jump and then dash. In fact, this is one of the best ways to close distance while remaining on the ground.

You can choose to combine Boost Dashes with Boost Jumps, and it is possible to Boost Dash if you end up in the air by any means, not just jumping. For example, if you drop off a ledge (or fall accidentally), you can still Boost Dash.

Aerial Boost Dash has a short cooldown period that prevents you from repeatedly using it.

Boost Slam
Boost Slams are a sort of aerial melee attack, and like melee strikes, they are instantly fatal if you directly connect with an opponent.

Boost Slams have one other very important use: they speed your descent from the air. In other words, it can be used as another way to dodge incoming fire or to simply vary your path in the air on Boost Jumps.

Boost Slide
Boost Slides let you close distances and break up your target silhouette at the same time. Also, enemies at range aiming for your upper body may miss completely if you go into a slide toward cover.

Exo Abilities
Exo Shield
The Exo Shield blocks all frontal shots, can be used to melee an enemy (two hits to kill), and doesn’t block your feet unless you are crouched. You can even use the Exo Shield in mid-air.

Exo Overclock
Overclock offers boosted movement speed. Unlike other Exo Abilities, you don’t need to drop your weapon in order to activate it.

Exo Mute Device
The Exo Mute Device actually does a bit more than just silence your footsteps. It also dampens all sound around you, making it easier to hear enemy sounds.

Exo Stim
Stim gives you bonus health for a short time, temporarily generating health beyond normal levels.

Exo Hover
Exo Hover lets you move slowly while in the air , or simply float in place . You can use this to gain otherwise impossible lines of sight or to throw off an enemy firing at you in the air.

Exo Cloak
Exo Cloak does exactly what it says, masking your appearance with optical camouflage. Keep in mind that while you are transparent, you aren’t actually invisible, so enemies can and will spot you moving.

Exo Ping – Exo Ping shows enemy Exo movement and weapons fire in your HUD, lighting them up and making them easy targets.

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