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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer FAQ

Everything you need to know about Multiplayer modes for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The gameplay modes in Multiplayer matches of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare define your goals and your path to victory in every match. Beyond that, they also heavily influence your choice of loadout. Depending on the map and the mode, different weapons and equipment become more or less useful. It’s important to tailor your classes to your preferred modes. Using the correct tools for the job is just as important when it comes to your overall Class as it is when choosing weapons for combat.

New to objective-based Multiplayer matches is Overtime. If a match ends in a tie, matches go into a final round. The team that scores first or completes an objective first sets the time for the opposing team to beat. If the other team beat the score, they win; otherwise, they lose.

New Multiplayer Modes

A heavily team-focused mode similar to a one-flag Capture the Flag game, Uplink challenges both teams to secure a Satellite Drone and score points in the opposing team’s goal. Earn one point for throwing the Drone into the goal, or two points for touching the goal while carrying the Drone. The goals are always in the air, so Exo movement is required to reach them. However, you are more exposed when going for a two-point score, so choose your scoring method wisely.

The Satellite Drone can be passed back and forth between teammates, and may even be used in an offensive or defensive manner. A player who is carrying the Satellite Drone is given an armor bonus to help protect against the increased fire a Satellite Drone carrier should expect.

Momentum challenges both teams to capture a central contested flag point. There are five flags in total. If the last flag of a team is captured, they lose the match.

Scoring kills speeds up the capture of the point, and once it is captured, another flag closer to the enemy team’s side of the map is activated. This makes it especially important to take down the enemy team near the flag, both to clear the area of danger and to speed the capture before reinforcements can arrive.

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