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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan Gameplay FAQ

Check this articles for answers to gameplay questions regarding TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan

The following FAQ addresses frequently asked questions regarding gameplay elements in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan. While there are no strategy hints or tips in the following article, it is possible that certain story or gameplay elements may be spoiled by these questions.

General Issues

No. Progress in each stage is only saved when the stage is completed. If you’re disconnected for any reason in single-player or multiplayer, the items and XP you have acquired since beginning the level will be lost.

The game’s stages must be unlocked by completing earlier stages. For example, stages 7and above can only be unlocked by completing stages 1-6. For more information, check the following chart:

Level Completed  Unlocks Level
Stage 1 Stages 2-6
Stages 2-6 Stage 7
Stage 7 Stage 8
Stage 8 Stage 9

Very Hard mode is unlocked when you’ve completed stages 1-9 in Hard mode.

Ninjutsus can be found in your Turtle loadout screen under the Ninjutsu tab. This tab lists every Ninjutsu in the game along with a description of the power and the costs for acquiring and upgrading it. Simply press the Acquire/Upgrade button to acquire or upgrade your selected Ninjutsu.

The appearance of a secret boss is governed by random chance based on the average score in each of the stage’s missions, as well as the selected difficulty. Therefore, excellent scores at high difficulty levels will have more of a chance of triggering a secret boss.

Note that secret bosses will never trigger the first time you play a stage.


The options for both upgrading and dismantling Charms can be found in the Turtle loadout screen under the Charms tab.

There are four different things required to upgrade a Charm:

  • Battle Points
  • Scrolls
  • Guides
  • Compendiums

Battle Points are a type of currency awarded after finishing a stage. Scrolls, Guides, and Compendiums are items that drop from the types of enemy they’re named after (ex.: Foot Soldier Scrolls will drop from Foot Soldiers). Guides and Compendiums are rarer than Scrolls and have a higher chance to drop at higher difficulty levels.

Note that exiting a stage before completion will cause you to lose any items you have collected and forfeit any Battle Points.

Only three Charms can be dismantled at a time. When Charms are dismantled, the player pays a certain amount of Battle Points to turn them into a new Charm. The more skills the Charms have, the higher the chance that the new Charm will have multiple skills.

No. When playing in Easy or Normal difficulty, only the first Charm will affect the Turtle. The second slot Charm kicks in when playing on Hard and the third slot Charm only works in Very Hard mode.


The white orbs are the game’s collectables. Picking them up will give you one of the covers of the first 50 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics which can be viewed in the Collection Menu.

This is by design. The white orbs will give you a randomized cover each time and will occasionally give you a duplicate of a cover you’ve already collected.

Yes. You can equip the Master Collector charm and increase your chances of getting a cover that hasn’t yet been unlocked.

The “Stealthy to the End” emblem is one of the hardest emblems in the game to get. To unlock it, you must use a Takedown to defeat all of the bosses. This requires four things each time:

  1. The Takedown must be done on normal bosses, not a secret boss.
  2. The final hit on the boss must come from Raphael in stealth mode.
  3. Certain Ninjutsus such as Turtle Time (which cancels stealth mode) cannot be in effect during the final Takedown.
  4. Only weak and strong normal attacks count as Takedowns.

Failing in any of these four requirements on any boss will cause you to lose out on the “Stealthy to the End” emblem.

Sometimes an enemy will appear on the inside of the pizza stand and must be quickly defeated or it will destroy the stand. These enemies can be hard to spot when there’s a lot happening on the screen.

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